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3rd Annual Napoleonic spring campaign in The Spanish Peninsula

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    Subject: Announcing Third Peninsula Spring War April 15,16,17 2005 Southern CAL. Anza Hi, the schedule and new info is listed and revised below... please try
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      Subject: Announcing Third Peninsula Spring War April 15,16,17 2005 Southern
      CAL. Anza


      the schedule and new info is listed and revised below... please try to
      arrive early...hope to see you!

      Please forward to interested parties------

      Announcing the....
      Third Annual Peninsula Napoleonic Spring Campaign April 15,16,17 2005 -
      Anza, California
      (2 hours from Los Angeles)

      WHEN: Main Day - Saturday, April 16th 9am-8pm
      Friday. ALL DAY, is setup, drill, comradeship and good conversation and
      dinner and Sunday afternoon is
      a potential skirmish and strike.

      WHERE: On historic land that was once part of the Spanish Crown two hundred
      years ago. General de Anza marched and explored the property. While it was
      Nueve Espana, it looks just like old Spain! AND during the time of Napoleon,
      this land was technically owned by King Joseph of Spain, brother of the
      Emperor! So come and defend it or liberate it!

      WEAPONS: The new flintlocks have arrived and the report of them is
      WAIVERS: EVERYONE MUST SIGN THESE to walk on the property.
      PHOTO RELEASE: We plan on more promoting of this event and activity... you
      must sign these too! We will have two splendid student cinematographers, that
      filming the event. They will be dressed in period clothing and be discreet
      and out of the way...they know that this is a spontaneous event, and is not to
      be staged for their benefit.... it is an event for us.... we will use this
      material and photos for the War Horse & Militaria Heritage Foundation, their
      class projects and promoting the time period and horses.
      you will have plenty of opportunity during the event)

      At Lee Barrett's place. 19 acres, open and wooded area in the high mountains
      east of Temecula.
      60815 Burnt Valley Rd Anza, CA (East of Temecula) landline:
      Directions on Map Quest:
      (It is about 2 hours drive from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles)

      WHO: Napoleonic reenactors: Soldiers and ladies and period civilian
      observers.... (Rev War and Civil War REENACTORS ARE WELCOMED! We have some tips on
      how to convert your look to Spanish guerillas) THIS IS NOT A GENERAL PUBLIC
      EVENT. This is a PRIVATE EVENT. All folks are REQUIRED to dress in period
      clothing or uniform. We have some limited loaner gear to help. (Contact us!)
      Percussion cap weapons are allowable with the extra steps for this event...
      Napoleonic's while relatively new to California, there are several seasoned
      units in the area that attend. We are in a growing phase and gain interest and

      TIME PERIOD: Our timeline is 1807-1813, Peninsula Wars in Spain and
      Portugal... somewhere near Cindad Rodrigo...(As in Baron de Marbot's memoirs.) there
      were troops from all over Europe in this region fighting for the Allies or
      the French. There were numerous guerilla civilian and militia troops and well
      as main line combatants. All time periods units and uniforms of the
      Napoleonic Age are certainly welcomed as well as the Revolutionary wars with minimal
      conversion.... there is only a six year lapse of time. In the poor sections
      of Spain and Portugal, not that much changed. Weapons were often were 30-40
      years old and clothing among the outlying regions was often a
      half century behind the fashions of Paris or London.

      CONCEPT: This battle is one of the nearly forgotten two-line sentences
      mentioned in dispatches in Marbots' Journal, of remote forces valiantly fighting;
      a few miles away from the main line components.... "Valor is never forgotten
      only the forgotten battle"

      WHAT: This is a chance to meet new friends and contacts for those interested
      in celebrating this Napoleonic time period 1795-1815. There will be
      skirmishes (in Napoleonic style), and music, camaraderie and dancing at
      night. Please bring or invite music, instruments and or musicians. There
      will be flintlock weapons, swords, horses and small cannons, so if these
      startle you, be forewarned.

      MUSICIANS: We would love to have fife and drums and pipers participate as
      well as evening fiddlers. JOIN US!

      BATTLE: Ideally, we will have several of these on Saturday as well as
      Sunday. This will depend of the number and types of troops...we have several
      scenarios and skirmishes planned on different parts of the property. Last
      year we had all the elements, infantry, irregulars, cavalry and artillery;
      over 50 combatants last event, we are expecting a 25-50% growth this year, we
      expect 75 combatants or more, plus some pipers and drummers

      ENCAMPMENT: We have an area for period camping adjacent to the old stone
      cabin as well as a different location for modern tents. There is also zone for
      pickets for horses, and horse trailers. The motels are in ANZA (5 minutes
      away) Palm Desert,
      Idyllwild and Temecula...or Warner Hot Springs... all about 30 minutes away.
      There are some restaurants within 5 miles, in Anza. There is even real
      gambling! We have our own of course too (1810 rules!).

      CONDITIONS: This will be rather basic camping... there is plenty of
      drinking water (from a superb well) as well as permission for campfires. We are
      arraigning to obtain a portable toilet... (This will be small fee to
      cover this cost.) Bring TP!!!!
      Most cell phones work in the area, we ask you to use them out of sight,
      except for emergencies. Please remember to bring any medication or special needs.
      In April, it does chill down at night at this higher elevation (5000ft), so
      please bring warm clothes and bedding. BRING HEAVY BLANKETS. I will say this
      NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BE FORWARNED!
      Lee and Patty have been superbly designing the landscape and structures for
      the proper time period.

      FOOD: Please bring your own food, for yourself/group, for the meals during
      the time you expect to stay. You can cook over an open fire. PLEASE BRING
      EXTRA FOOD TO SHARE AS WELL! This is a tradition of a good camp site!

      Local Airports: Burbank, LAX (Los Angeles), San Diego Airports all 2 hours
      away. Palm Springs 1 hour from site, Ontario 1.5 hour away from site. All have
      rental car service. Consider a stop at a Trader Joes, a unique Grocery
      chain located all over S California for fresh breads and snacks for the event.

      If you need to crash pad, contact us so we can coordinate something or
      arrive early at Lee's...

      CAVALRY: The estimated attendance of horse looks to be in the 10-15 range,
      possibly more!

      HORSE RENTAL: I have found only a small supply....2-3 at the moment. Please
      contact me ASAP ----$150 per horse from friday morning to Sunday
      afternoon-This is for out of town cavalry, preferably French Cav! There will be a
      deposit and cutoff time for this. If interested local cavalry can let me know of
      interested numbers very early on this will help in planning. I am trying to
      bring so additional horses and am continuing the search... local rental
      facilities have not be cooperative.

      WILD ANIMALS: There are mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes and wild dogs that
      have been seen in the area. We may need volunteers to post picket duty during
      the night... I recommend that you do not bring small pets...Mostly
      likely the number of people will scare these animals away from the area.

      SAFETY: Please keep minors under close supervision at all times! Small
      children should with an adult always. (safety rules will be added) There is NO
      FIRING of weapons before sunrise or after sunset. DO NOT FIRE ANY
      EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!Please be aware of the horses. We will have a safety meeting Friday
      afternoon with the commanders and in the morning before each

      SITE FEE: There is a nominal charge for the portalet and misc expenses $7-10

      BLACK POWDER: Out of towners let me know how much you need!

      Schedule of events:

      SCHEDULE: We plan on photos, drill, BATTLE, marches and wine and song
      later in the evening...
      Friday Setup 10am...till and informal gathering and preparations...
      Saturday: Once things start the two encampments will be on alert all day!

      9:30AM - Marshall the Forces for the Duke and Emperor's Review
      Parade and drill
      10:15 AM Fire Flintlocks and Skirmish
      12 PM Lunch
      1PM Music and Picket posts of the two camps, and surprises
      2PM Battle and Marches
      3PM Tea
      4PM Late Skirmish
      5PM Prepare encampments & Pickets
      6-9PM Dinner and Singing
      SUNDAY: More to Glory. March with Wellington or the Emperor!
      Morning: Breakfast
      Late Morning: TBA Skirmish etc

      Questions: Please email _fbronner@..._
      (mailto:fbronner@...) , or call Fritz 818 896-8390
      or Lee 909-763-5250

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