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Re: Fw: The Royal Scots

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    In a message dated 9/5/1999 7:46:57 AM Central Daylight Time, rosst@wwdc.com writes:
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      << I was told by a professor of mine
      >some time ago, that when Andrew Jackson was headed down to New Orleans
      >to fight the British or to at least protect our shores from invasion by
      >the British, that he was spied upon by a British spy by the name of
      >Clinton. Can you tell me if this is true? >>

      I doubt that this is true. Personally I have never heard a whisper of such
      stuff (not that THAT'S definitive) but how is this joker supposed to have
      followed Jackson around without being in the Army? I don't recall Jackson's
      horrendous forced marches to NO being accompanied by a great train of
      civvies! Also if he got any information how was he supposed to get it to the
      British who were raiding here and there and never had a fixed base in the US
      until N.O.?

      Capt. Nicholas RM. knocking about with various Indians is well documented as
      id Capt. Locker RN's visit to Jean Laffite so why no mention of this Clinton
      chap? Perhaps he got involved with a camp follower and never got out of


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