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Re: New NPS Regs

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  • Roger Fuller
    ... From: Easeufe@aol.com To: warof1812@onelist.com Date: 03 September 1999 00:37 Subject: [WarOf1812] New NPS Regs
    Message 1 of 11 , Sep 3, 1999
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      From: Easeufe@... <Easeufe@...>
      To: warof1812@onelist.com <warof1812@onelist.com>
      Date: 03 September 1999 00:37
      Subject: [WarOf1812] New NPS Regs

      >From: Easeufe@...
      >This was just 3 weeks ago and the non-wearing of ear-plugs was not an
      >We were surprised though when the NPS Black Powder Safety Officer (SO) took
      >list of our names, SSNs and the serial numbers of our muskets


      >Ed Seufert
      >Royal Marines

      I'd like to know what branch of the Internal Revenue Service or Social
      Security Administration this NPS BPSO thought he was also employed
      by...those are the ONLY two Federal agencies that would legally have any
      right to demand your social security number. Insurers do NOT need to have
      your SS#, no matter how much they may whine and complain. Same with state,
      county and federal law enforcement or motor vehicle departments. They may
      ask you, but you don't have to give it to them.

      Next time ask him what law permits him to ask such a sensitive question. SS#
      misuse is rampant- don't let anybody know it who is not involved with your
      taxes, paychecks, or retirement funds. It's the law!

      Better yet, don't even play along- just walk away. That's the loudest
      protest one can make, besides contacting your senators and representatives.
      These events sound as if they are potentially more trouble than they are
      worth. Even up here in Massachusetts, the NPS -so far- haven't pulled
      anything like this.

      Roger Fuller
      3/95th (Rifles)
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