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single shot flintlock holster pistol for sale

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  • Scott McMahon
    List, I ve got a flintlock holster pistol I m looking to sell and thought I d lay it out for y all to have a go at before moving it on to Ebay or some other
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2004
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      I've got a flintlock holster pistol I'm looking to sell and thought I'd lay
      it out for y'all to have a go at before moving it on to Ebay or some other
      sales outlet. It's a British Sea Service pistol as far as I know, has an
      iron ramrod and brass furniture. It looks more like a light dragoon pistol
      to me but I'm no expert on British firearms so I can't say. I think it's .62
      cal. but it's been so long since I've shot it I'm not sure... in short I
      can't tell you much about this thing other than it's a single shot,
      flintlock holster pistol from the late 18th century or early 19th century.
      The frizzen is slightly loose but this could be remedied with a shim in the
      frizzen bridle. The lock throws good sparks and as long as you've got a good
      flint in it it'll shoot. I'm asking a firm $150 for it plus whatever
      shipping is which shouldn't be too much. I'm attaching a picture of the
      pistol but if for some reason it doesn't come through let me know and I'll
      forward it to your personal email.

      Dios, libertad y Tejas,
      Scott McMahon
      S.W. Frontiers Mntd. Ranging Co.

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      roadside, while his wife and daughters, would press their trembling lips to
      the glittering crosses suspended from their necks, and hurriedly murmur
      forth a fervent prayer to "our Lady of Gaudalupe,"

      John S. Jenkins- History of the War Between the United States and Mexico

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