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Re: [WarOf1812] For Sutlers that can`t make it this weekend

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  • Angela
    This sounds great! Could you please include me in the loop? And where is this meeting? Could you please email information regarding this matter to
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 3, 2004
      This sounds great!

      Could you please include me in the loop? And where is this meeting?

      Could you please email information regarding this matter to

      Thank you!

      Chris <littlefeatherscrafts@...> wrote:

      The Upper Canada Sutler's Alliance

      Dear Fellow Sutlers,

      No matter the event, there has always
      been a special bond
      with many of us in Sutler's Row. The
      friendliness, warmth
      and support that abounds in our area has
      been noted and
      commented on by both re-enactors and the
      public alike.

      We've helped each other set up, tear down, encouraged, picked each
      others' brains with marketing ideas, spelled each other for breaks,
      the list is truly endless. The bottom line is that we support each
      other in ways unlike a typical retail atmosphere, and visitors to
      Sutler's Row are quick to notice the difference.
      We would like to form a sutler's alliance for all these reasons and
      more. We propose to take this camaraderie a step further to form a
      casual, friendly organization that would give us an outlet to share
      ideas and concerns. Some of the benefits we foresee would be:
      Inexpensive group insurance for those who need it.
      A strong marketing tool and event information in the form of a
      A few meetings a year to share ideas and have some fun.
      A stronger voice in event co-ordination.
      A support system extended to all event co-ordinators to help their
      event run smoothly, such as volunteer sutler co-ordinators provided
      by the UCSA.
      This winter we will be putting together our mandate and a plan of
      action. We hope to have our official charter meeting in March at the
      Living History Conference.
      If you would like us to keep you in touch with further information,
      or you have any suggestions on what would be important to you in
      such an alliance, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from

      With best wishes to you and yours,

      Judie and David Glen, Glen Farms' Past Times
      Davina and Chris Wilkinson, Little Feathers Bead and Leather Crafts

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