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CFNA Naval Establishment and Rank structures

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  • Larry Lozon
    Gentlemen all, A very good thread and it is good to see that this yahoo group is being used as it was primarily designed to facilitate easy communications for
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2004
      Gentlemen all,

      A very good thread and it is good to see that this
      yahoo group is being used as it was "primarily designed to
      facilitate easy communications for Re-enactors"

      Now very quickly to the subject at hand "Rank Structures".

      We should first look at our time period. there is NO
      Group, thus all units run themselves from within themselves and if they
      want a Corporal for a hundred muskets, so be it. I have been told by many
      units however, that rank is not given by length of service rather by the
      ability to do the job.

      Next, we need a Field Command, or we look like a bunch
      of uncontrollable gangs on the field. We are supposed to be an Army!

      The positions of Field Command were filled by capable
      through the years who have done a great job, and still the Units have the
      better half of the say and still NO UMBRELLA GROUP.

      Be informed: CROWN FORCES NORTH AMERICA {CFNA} is merely
      the convenient name given the re-created Military Re-enactment Units of
      BRITISH ~ CANADIAN ~ MILITIA ~ ALLIED Forces in the United States
      and Canada and NOT AN UMBRELLA GROUP.

      The Army has been running very nicely with Tim Pickles,
      Twist and their Staff commanding on the field.

      The Navy had no real structure especially when aboard
      ship. That
      is what your God created them for. As no one came forward to volunteer to
      do this job, Victor Suthren was asked if he would assume the task. He agreed
      and settled down to the job at hand. He has all the qualifications to handle
      job. He created a School of the Sailor to teach all the craft of Boatmanship
      (my word). He assembled water craft large and small for events and has
      conferred positions on capable naval re-enactors. Huzzah to Mr. Suthren who
      has done so in a very capable and professional manner.

      It is right and just to ask reasons for his actions, as
      this is a hobby,
      but if you have ideas how to organise the Navy, you should volunteer to help
      Mr. Suthren and contact him directly at suthren@...

      Your Humble Servant

      L. Lozon
      AdC - DAG &c.,
      Crown Forces

      "With no Field Command, merely Mr. Twist's Secretary"
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