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Battle of Lundy's Lane/ Chippawa

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  • Kevin Windsor
    Greetings, in order to stem the growing tide of people looking for registration forms I have posted them in the file section of this list. The are in a folder
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2004
      Greetings, in order to stem the growing tide of people looking for registration forms I have posted them in the file section of this list. The are in a folder named, aptly enough, Lundy's Lane & Chippawa.
      There you will find an invitation, individual registration forms and merchant forms. Through some FUBAR the map and schedule only made it to the merchant package so if you need directions please download that too. You need Adobe reader to make it work.

      Just to clarify some questions that were asked on the weekend.

      It is NOT on the same school as last time. There is ample camping for all.
      The Battlefield for Lundy's Lane is 600' X 300' so we'll also have plenty of room to fight. There will be a tactical at 2pm on Saturday and an evening battle at 8pm.
      Sunday will have the soldiers bused to Chippawa to fight in the Chippawa Battlefield. We will arrive at 12:00. Lunch will be provided. There will be a brief commemorative service at 1:30 and the Battle at 2. The site is providing the usual wood water and straw as well as breakfast and dinner on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. The Royal Canadian Legion will be opening a beer tent for us to use outside, inside they have a great military museum. The upstairs will be open for us to use if the weather proves too hot or too wet.

      The Nathaniel Dett BME Church will open the Norval Johnson Heritage Library that weekend and you can see the contributions that Black Canadians made to the Wars Canada fought in as well as the contributions to Niagara Falls as a city. The Drummond Hill Cemetery will be offering cememtery tour hourly at 12, 1, and 3. The Lundy's Lane Historical Museum will be open from 10-5 for you to visit where you will see one of the finest collections of artefacts from the War of 1812 in North America. Our exhibits include "The Battle of Lundy's Lane" "The Centennial of Lundy's Lane 1914" "The City of Niagara Falls 1904-2004" "85 years of Women's Work; The IODE in NIagara Falls" and our community exhibit for June and July is the Col John Butler United Empire Loyalist Assoc. That exhibit features a Butler's Rangers breastplate now on display for two months only!! The Battle Ground Hotel will be open from 12-4 for tours. This is the land that Ruth Redmond graciously donated to the City of Niagara Falls located across the road from the Drumond Hill Cemetery. Visitors can also travel to Chippawa and visit the Willoughby Historical Museum and see the rural roots of Niagara, Chippawa, Crowland, and Willoughby.

      One Sunday all of this will be happening again (except the Cemetery Tours)

      If you have any questions at all please email on this list or at kevin.windsor@... or llmuseum@...
      or call (905) 358-5082


      to date we have over 150 registered!

      Kevin Windsor, Curator
      Lundy's Lane Historical Musuem

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