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Re: [WarOf1812] Re: Resignation not accepted

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    ... Wellington disliked facial hair and made (I think) only one remark on the subject beards are the unfortunate nesessity of campaign . However, before
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      In a message dated 4/21/04 11:26:29 AM, fawkes_514@... writes:

      > Now people, before we start going off half cocked, how often do you
      > know that soldiers shaved out in the field ??? I don't myself.
      > However, I would love to read some references to that topic. I could
      > imagine that they would sometimes go for days w/o a razor touching
      > their face unless it was their knife while they ate.
      Wellington disliked facial hair and made (I think) only one remark on the
      subject 'beards are the unfortunate nesessity of campaign'. However, before
      everyone jumps up and down saying 'hey! we can all look like mountain men' he was
      refering to periods of constant fighting in the field so we are looking at
      perhaps a couple of weeks growth at most. The beards grown on the retreat from
      Corunna could have been fairly substantial but NOTHING LIKE that circumstance
      happened in North America. Not only that Sir George Prevost was a martinet who
      insisted everyone follow the regulations laid down. Peninsula veterans
      complained that 'The Duke' was never so picky a Prevost. Considering that a a regular's
      kit issue included a razor you can be sure the nco's made sure he used it!

      > Now for my in put. Facial hair is not an issue to me. What is an
      > issue is the people who run around on the streets and camps wearing
      > sunglasses. Personally, I never seen General Brock sporting a pair
      > of Oakleys or Ray-Bans. So if someone wants to discuss non-kit
      > issues, this maybe a good topic.

      Sorry I don't get this, you don't mind one innaccuracy but you don't like the
      other? Personaly I think we should try to eliminate as many obvious
      anachronisms as posible.



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