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Fw: [Answer to yur Qustion]

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  • Larry Lozon
    ... you? ______________________________________ Betsy et all: In 1967 the City of Chatham, Ontario, Canada decided to have a re-enactment of the Battle of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 1999
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      >>Re: E's
      >>From: Betsy Bashore <bjb_remote@...>
      >>I have a question, "what is the reason behind reenacting or living
      >>history, particularly an obscure period such as the War of 1812, or one
      >with little direct meaning in the US and Canada, the Napoleonic Wars?"
      >>Larry, since you like the quesiton, you are going to write in on it aren't
      Betsy et all:

      In 1967 the City of Chatham, Ontario, Canada decided to have a
      re-enactment of the "Battle of the Thames" to celebrate the death of the
      great Shawnee Chief Tecumseh which happened a few miles down the river from
      the city. I was a member of a blackpowder club that was asked to
      We did this re-enactment for about three years and then it died.
      A number of years later, the town of Thamesville (closer to the battle site)
      decided to hold a re-enactment, again I was asked to participate and to
      command the Kentucky troops. This battle also died off, but a few of us
      re-enactors wanted to keep the units together so we formed the Kent Military
      Re-enactment Society which portrayed the US 27th and the Kentucky Militia.
      That is how I started into the hobby. Since then I have been doing the
      narration for a number of events. I also do the school tour as a British or
      Canadian Militiaman. My wife Brenda and myself have been giving
      presentations at Historical Societies as well. I am no longer a member of
      the KMRS but have traded the blue coat for a red, or green one. I do 1812,
      Rev, and F&I with 1812 my first love. I think the reason I stay in the
      hobby is because of the friends I have met, the chance to go and play in
      neat places on both sides of the boarder and to be able to help people enjoy
      a subject I hated in school. It is a whole different ball of wax between a
      classroom memorising boring dates and an event!
      Also the War of 1812 was fought in my back yard so it was the natural period
      to choose.

      Larry A. Lozon
      41st Regt. Foot-1812
      8th Regt. Foot-1812
      Dolsen's Rifles-1812
      Brit Navy Cannon Crew-1812
      General's Guard-Rev
      Guild of Artificers-F&I,Rev

      PS: Was that what you wanted Betsy?!?!?
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