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Re: [WarOf1812] info on best rifle caliber

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  • wildwolf
    thanks very much ... From: abateman To: WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com Sent: Friday, February 27, 2004 11:52 AM Subject: Re: [WarOf1812] info on best rifle caliber
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      thanks very much

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      From: abateman
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      Sent: Friday, February 27, 2004 11:52 AM
      Subject: Re: [WarOf1812] info on best rifle caliber

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      From: "mike bain" <wildwolf@...>

      > i need some help with choosing the best rifle caliber to use for
      > reenacting? i am looking at a rifle from dixie, it is a pedersoli
      > scout carbine rifle, it comes in the following calibers .30,.45,.50
      > its overall length is 44", i will be using this rifle for norfolk
      > rifle company, can some one advise

      Dear Mr. Bain, A few suggestions:

      1) Visit http://www.ontarioghosts.org/heritage/norfolk/firearms.htm This is
      the Norfolk Militia's webpage where they discuss the firearms they use, and
      there is extensive information there.
      2) The Norfolk web page lists kentucky rifles as being acceptable, but I
      think the Pedersoli Scout Carbine is a little too short for the 1812 period
      and was designed for modern shooters who like a shorter firearm. Have you
      considered the Pedersoli Pennsylvania Rifle or the Kentucky Rifle? They are
      quite similar to the gun you have in mind but they have longer barrels.
      3) Forget the .30. It's a "squirrel rifle" and not for military use. The
      .45 or the .50 would be good. I apologize if you know this already, but
      make sure you get the flintlock version, not the percussion version. The
      percussion one is not authentic for 1812 and will require licensing and
      registration. The flint version needs no paperwork.
      4) Before you order from Dixie and pay shipping and duty, you might try a
      local source. Shooter's Choice in Waterloo carries the whole Pedersoli
      line. http://www.shooterschoice.com/pedersoli/pedersoli.htm
      5) Last and most importantly, have you spoken to the other members of the
      Norfolk Rifle Company about what to buy? I'd hate to see you spend money on
      something they're not going to like, but this has happened to new reenactors

      Hope this helps,

      Andrew Bateman, 41st Foot

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