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Re: U.S. Cheesebox canteen

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  • ebclemson
    ... there was plenty of Missouri river water to be had?Why would they dig a well at Fort Osage on the Missouri river, if they coul= d just drink from the
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 6, 2004
      --- In WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com,

      Hey Bob,
      Understand that the corp primarily traveled along rivers.


      Why would they build Fort Bellefontaine at the site of a FOUNTAIN SPRING if=
      there was plenty of Missouri river water to be had?

      Why would they dig a well at Fort Osage on the Missouri river, if they coul=
      d just drink from the river?

      Why would they dig a well at Fort Dearborn with Lake Michigan only a stones=
      throw away and the Chicago river right next to the Sally port?

      Why did W. Scotts brigade in 1814 all have canteens, if they were primarily=
      in the area of Buffalo, Ft.Erie Chippewa and Lundy's Lane? You would think=
      that two of the Great Lakes and the Niagara river would be enough water? <g=

      Yes, it is possible the Corp planned to drink enitrely from rivers, streams=
      ,etc. but highly unprobable. Did they actually think they would always be n=
      ext to a river?

      I agree that the so far we have found no documentation on canteens. However=
      , I would not want to suggest that means they did not have canteens or somew=
      ay to store and transport water.

      Why take food stuffs if the West was full of food for the taking?

      Ok, no fertilizer......well, actually there was....it was called manure. W=
      hen Buffalo crossed the streams etc they would had "naturally" left a deposi=
      t of manure. I can't remember if it was Bradbury or Sibley, but one of the=
      m mentioned about large amounts of dead buffalo floating down the Missouri. =
      Now that would be a tasty beverage, Missouri River water with just a dash of=
      rotting buffalo for flavor. mmmmmm, good.



      Cap'n Dave,

      1st Infy. & Missouri Rangers.

      dancingbobd@w... wrote:
      > Hi Dave,
      > The L & C Expedition traveled almost entirely by water in boats,
      > floating in water. Canteens do not appear on the list of items
      > purchased or drawn from public stores.
      > One journal entry by Lewis [I think] covered his experiment of taking 1
      > gallon of water from the river and letting it settle over night and
      > finding that there was a wine glass of sediment. Jefferson had read
      > McKenzies journal when he crossed the continent in the late 1790's where
      > there was a portage of some 200 yards. The expectation of drinking from
      > the streams on which they were traveling may not have prompted the
      > planning to include canteens.
      > No fertilizer or pesticide washing off of farms & ranches to pollute the
      > rivers and streams. Dipping water from the river would have been the
      > norm. [In 1989 I went canoeing in the boundary waters of NE Minnesota
      > for 5½ days and it is so clean the we drank by dipping from the lakes.
      > No sediment, thankfully!] All that said, it still does not shed any
      > light on what canteens if any were available.
      > Regards,
      > Bob Dorian
      > [aka Pvt. John Thompson, Cpt. Lewis' Company of North Western Discovery]
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