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Re: [WarOf1812] New Member Introduction.

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  • Brian Howard
    Jay, Welcome also! Our unit, the 2nd Va Regiment, 1813-1815, portrays a Virginia Militia unit from the period of the War of 1812. Based out of Old Fort
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 30, 2003

      Welcome also! Our unit, the 2nd Va Regiment,
      1813-1815, portrays a Virginia Militia unit from the
      period of the War of 1812. Based out of Old Fort
      Norfolk, we have traveled to Baltimore for the Fort
      McHenry Star Spangled Banner event for the last few
      years. I started attending a number of years ago as a
      US Regular infantryman and fell in with the 7th
      Infantry which Steve Abolt commands, who by the way is
      one of the foremost experts in this region.

      To give you an idea of our schedule as it stands now
      for 2004, we plan on attending the Military Through
      the Ages program at Jamestown in March. We start our
      summer tour of duty at Fort Norfolk in June and the
      kick off this year will be a Battle of Craney Island
      Living History Encampment at the fort. We were also
      recently contacted by the Navy History Center
      concerning any plans for a bicentinial celebration of
      the Craney Island battle. We end the summer tours at
      the end of August and then attend the Fort McHenry
      event. This past September we had six members
      attending and we team up with the Albemarle County
      Militia out of the Charlottesville area. A good time
      is had by all. We hope to do more events over the next
      few years and work our way up to a Canadian event.

      Please contact me off list and I would be very happy
      to talk to you about possibly joining our unit or
      assit your unit in putting together an 1812 kit. We
      currently have plans to put together a US Infantry
      impression based on the early war uniform which we
      believe was worn by members of Captain Pollard's
      company of regulars who were detached to Craney Island
      by General Taylor before the battle.

      The unit email address is 2varegiment@... and I am
      looking forward to hearing from you.

      Brian Howard
      2nd Va Regiment, 1813-1815, Inc.

      --- Ed Seufert <LCpl_RM@...> wrote:
      > Jay,
      > Welcome aboard.
      > My unit portrays Royal Marines. We are primarily
      > from the Baltimore area and are one of several
      > units, both American and British, that are from the
      > Chesapeake area and represented on this list. Two
      > units that you may want to contact down your way
      > would be the 2nd VA who work out of Ft Norfolk and
      > the Albermarle County Militia who I believe are from
      > the Charlottesville area.
      > Looking forward to working with You.
      > Ed Seufert, LCpl
      > 1812 Royal Marines
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      > From: Jay Howlett
      > To: WarOf1812@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Monday, October 27, 2003 6:32 AM
      > Subject: [WarOf1812] New Member Introduction.
      > List ,
      > Thought I would pop in an say hello.My name is Jay
      > Howlett ,I have
      > been doing AWI for nearly 30 years,but this is a
      > different world for
      > me.A group of friends of mine( mostly veteren
      > reenactors of the AWI
      > and ACW hardcore movement) have decided that our
      > local (Tide water
      > Virginia)1812 history has not been much
      > explored.We are very much in
      > the preliminary stages,have not yet decided which
      > unit we will
      > endeavour to recreate except that it will be US
      > with a local
      > connection,and likely infantry.We hope to take the
      > field in the
      > spring of 2005.Fortunately we are composed mostly
      > of professional
      > craftsmen and have the ability to produce most of
      > our gear.
      > As I mentioned I am very much a stranger in a
      > strange land here,I
      > look forward to your wisdom and to meeting some of
      > you in
      > person.Thanks , Jay
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