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Elting's books - was Re: non-partisan

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    I add to Bruce s endorsement. While it s been several years since I read it, my lasting impression was one that didn t pull any punches about the validity
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 25, 2003
      I add to Bruce's endorsement. While it's been several years since I read it, my lasting impression was one that didn't pull any punches about the "validity" of the war or the military incompetence on both sides (primarily unfortunately the US).

      Another worthwhile title by this late lamented author is "Swords Around the Throne." Full of anecdotal primary source bits as well as the big picture on Napoleon's Army. A good book for those with a world view on events of the time.

      Michael M.
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      "Amateurs, To Arms!" by John R. Elting.
      ....I thought the author was very non-partisan in his account."


      My Dear Mr. Whittaker,

      It is very interesting as we read about this
      'Forgotten War of 1812 in North America' how authors
      are bias of Country, Area, Units, etc.

      It would be very refreshing to read a report about the
      war by one who reports all from the middle of the fence .....


      L. Lozon

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