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  • Larry Lozon
    From: pamelalynn36 ... We scheduled it two weeks after Defenders Day at Fort McHenry and two weeks before Mississenewa, hoping
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2003
      From: "pamelalynn36" <pamelalynn36@...>

      " ... We scheduled it two weeks after Defenders Day at
      Fort McHenry and two weeks before Mississenewa, hoping to avoid
      conflict with these events....Under consideration is moving the event
      one week later, to the first weekend in October. How would that affect
      other events? ......."
      Pam Shubert, Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum, Maryland
      From: "mark dickerson" <mdickerson1@...>

      " Yes, there has been a re-enactment scheduled in Chatham ...the weekend
      before Mississinewa ..."


      It seems our little time period of 1812 is growing............
      We are the smallest with American Civil War being the largest.

      As for next year (2004) we have (in no real order)

      "American & Crown Forces" all-up event, May 29-30 known as the
      'Grand Tactical' to be held at Ft. Meigs, Ohio. This event was created
      so all 1812 re-enactment units in North America would attend a 'BIG'
      The date of this event may change every year depending upon the
      site where it is held. The sites who have offered to hold this event
      are Ft. Meigs, Ft. Niagara, Fort George and Mississinewa. More
      sites may be added to this list. If we want a 'HUGE" event we will
      have to travel south once in a while as those units in the south travel
      north to events.

      There are then the "Crown Forces" events. These are the events that
      are called to have an all up attendance of Crown Forces, as all units
      and staff cannot attend an event every weekend. Some have 'real lives'.
      For 2004 those canvassed they agreed on:
      April 12-13 Crown Officer, NCO and Artillery School - Fort York
      May 29-30 Grand Tactical Ft. Meigs Ohio (Crown/USA Forces 1812 North America
      July 2-4 Lundy's Lane/Chippawa Ont
      Aug 7-8 Fort Erie Ont

      Then there are the normal 1812 'Every-Year' events, for lack of a better
      and they are usually:
      Jan Battle of New Orleans, Chalmette, Louisiana
      May Battle of Longwoods London Ont
      June Battle of Stoney Creek Ont
      Oct Mississinewa 1812 Marion Ind.
      to name only a few. The normal 1812 'Every-Year' events are usually
      attended regularly by the majority of re-enactors. Some sites like Fort
      and Crysler's Farm are opting to hold events every two years.

      Please bear with me .........

      Now comes the 'Local Events', also a name drawn out of a hat. These
      are the events close to where you live and we all love a short drive.

      The 'Once-in-a-Lifetime' events comes to mind next, these are the ones
      created to celebrate an event or anniversary and are one time event. Such as
      May 21-25 2003 Talbot Settlement Re-enactment - Port Stanley, Ontario

      The 'Unit' events are the ones created by a Unit to have an event in their
      back yard such as Aug 1812 at Fanshawe Pioneer Village, London, Ontario
      and Fairfield Thamesville Ont.

      You may want to get a coffee or drink now..........

      'Money Maker Events' these are created because some one or committee is
      $$$ to create an event. Re-enactors are offered $$$$ to attend. Everybody
      loves $$$$$!

      And of course there are the 'New' events, those just created because a
      or site realises something happened there in 1812

      Now there seems to be a new event emerging, these are the 'Town' events.
      are the ones which are created by a city, town or village for their sidewalk
      busker festival or 'save-the-pigeon' campaign. I have been contacted by
      communities this year about having an 1812 camp at their festival. When I
      they supply wood, straw, water, food, possibly gun powder and maybe even a
      stipend for those with a long drive ......they sort of disappear

      We of course now have the 'Napoleonic Events' those who represent the
      Napoleonic War. Events in '04 and '05 are being planned for Old Bedford
      for living history programs set in the Regency/1st Empire period. Some units
      do French! .. so I am led to believe! :-)

      And lastly to be considered are the F&I, Rev, ACW, etc., events that some of
      1812 re-enactors also do .......... Next year 'The Assault the Capital -
      Quebec City,
      July 30 - August 1 will be a biggie for Rev War.

      Those wanting an event should look at last years event schedule and this
      years event schedule
      and find a week where there is no event. To go up against the 'big' events
      is dumb, to go up
      against others who have been in existence for a while is not nice and to
      take a date that is
      vacant because a site has agreed to a year off every other year is a no no
      One could even contact an event and ask if they would sing every other

      Thots on the above?


      Larry Lozon
      Methinks my dance card is getting full!
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