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Re: [WarOf1812] Re: Chain of Command:    who's 2nd to Wellington?

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  • HQ93rd@aol.com
    ... Further brain stimulation on this topic (which topic seems to have died in favour of whether one wants to play golf or do living history) has brought up
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2003
      > In a message dated 28/07/2003 1:44:25 PM, JGIL1812@... writes:
      > > Tim and Group,
      > > Please, correct me if I am wrong but wasn't the choice of command left up
      > to
      > > the "Horse Guards" at this time. They could pretty much choose whom ever
      > > they
      > > wanted to fill a command with no thought to seniority. We could've ended
      > up
      > > with Sherbrooke who was in North America but who Wellington had kicked out
      > > of
      > > the Pennisular early on.
      > > I suppose it may all of hinged on who was sipping who's Port or Madeira at
      > > the time!
      > > JG/RE
      > >
      > Me ----
      > Now the obvious thing that no one seems to pick up on yet, is -- if we are
      > going on this what-if Wellington had been at N.O. (and somehow was
      > indisposed to
      > then later be at Waterloo -- death or maiming seeming to be the only choice
      > allowed.... and my comment about Lambert - who WAS at New Orleans and ALSO
      > at
      > Waterloo - seems to have been ignored) then we must have one more
      > possibility:
      > Pakenham. As good a suggestion as many of the others, and considering it was
      > he who was chosen when Wellington would not go, well...

      Further brain stimulation on this topic (which topic seems to have died in
      favour of whether one wants to play golf or do living history) has brought up
      the following matters in the little gray cells:
      This all started with a, "what-if Wellington was at New Orleans" scenario.
      If that is the case, then it cannot start just there -- in other words,
      Pakenham was sent to NO because Ross had been killed earlier on the East Coast.
      IF -- mind now, IF -- Wellington had said "Yes" to going to North America,
      there is NOTHING in such a what-if scenario to place him in exactly the same
      boat (both literally and figuratively) as Pakenham.
      To wit -- Wellington says "Yes," and is sent forthwith to North America.
      Thus: He conducts a good portion of the East Coast campaign -- and again,
      basing events on his own personal history -- and the subsequent odds thereof, he
      is NOT killed as Ross was -- thus, where then is Ross? Where then is Pakenham?
      (They could be involved later in the 100 days...just as Lambert was, who WAS
      both at New Orleans and Waterloo, as were some of the other officers and
      rankers at both).
      IF (mighty big IF) Wellington is disabled at some point in North America,
      there are now TWO generals who would not have died otherwise -- Ross and
      Further on this -- when the what-if of Wellington at NO is brought up, he is
      always placed in the exact same situation as Pakenham. NOT a consideration!
      Especially if he was at Washington, Baltimore, etc. IF having survived the East
      Coast, he would have been in the Gulf from the onset and not arrived later on,
      as did Pakenham.
      Even if we are to take him arriving after the death of Ross -- who says it
      has to be on the same ship as Pakenham and on the same date? Who also says, as
      the Field Marshall he indeed was, he would not have completely rearranged the
      entire battle plan, withdrew troops from their positions, and started all over
      according to HIS own decisions, and any admiral's (in reality alleged)
      protestations being ordered down and negated by his authority?
      Thus the whole what-if of this scenario cannot be gauged and is finally an
      exercise in futility (and can only be done for fun, as hopefully we are doing
      here) as Wellington's presence completely upsets the apple cart, so to speak, as
      it were, QED.


      93rd SHRoFLHU
      THE Thin Red Line

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