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Captured Colors (Coulours)

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  • ebclemson
    Len, There is a very good article by W. Y. Carman entitled American Regimental Colours in Chelsea Hospital . Captured War of 1812 Colours at Chelsea, were:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2003

      There is a very good article by W. Y. Carman entitled "American Regimental Colours in Chelsea Hospital".

      Captured War of 1812 Colours at Chelsea, were:

      National Standard of the 2nd Regt.Infantry; Regimental Color of the 2nd Infantry; National Standard of the 4th Infantry; Regimental Color of the 4th Infantry; 68th "James City Light Infantry" ; "New York Milita Regiment" captured at Queenston Heights, numbered "24th; Hartford Light Dragoons; and four other flags, mostly unidentified.

      A description of the New York Milita color was given in the Quebec newspaper....the Quebec Mercury. "It is made of blue or purple coloured changeable silk about a yard and a half square with the Arms of U.S. on one side and those of New York on the other both surrounded by a circle of Stars".

      If you are interested in more details on this flag, from the article please let me know.

      In 1841, Captain John Ford (Ensign May 25th, 1809 79th Highlanders), while serving as "Captain of Invalids at Royal Hospital, "Chelsea" compiled a book of water-colours of the flags. Due to the condition of the what is left of the original flags, the water coulours are most helpful. Captain Ford actaully laid on his back, with a telescope, to complete his paintings.

      Hope this helps.

      Dave Bennett. 1st U.States Infantry and Missouri Rangers. Missouri, USA.

      PS......someone asked earlier if there was a "regulation" way during the war to fold U.S. flags. I do not believe so, nor have every found anthing at all on this. In fact, there is not really "technically" an official flag raising or lowering either. DB
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