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    John: I join you in your toast to Dominion Day . If it ain t broke don t fix it ! Cheers in advance to all my American friends. And especially those who
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 1, 2003
      I join you in your toast to "Dominion Day".

      "If it ain't broke don't fix it"!

      Cheers in advance to all my American friends. And especially those who
      share music!!! (wink, wink, nudge, nudge!)
      Ross "the intrepid drum major"

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      From: john harris [mailto:jharris@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2003 6:40 PM
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      Subject: [WarOf1812] Re: US Troops

      > John et all;
      > Sure could have used more US Troops at Fort Henry last week
      > As a matter of fact it would be to the advantage of the 1812
      > in the Great Lakes area to raise a couple of good sized USA Regiments
      > to oppose the Crown Forces.
      > This would also eliminate the Brits having to cross dress into USA
      > .......
      > Just a thot to those Canucks who want to start a re-enactment

      Larry et all .
      Regretfully, real life interfered with play life for me ,
      consequently I
      was unable to attend this event. I hope the security problems from
      year were resolved and no theft's of either personal equipment or
      occurred .
      It is not just at Ft. Henry that requires more US troops, but ALL of
      event's .
      The small determined number of us that portray the US regular always
      our work cut out for us while we battle the "Big Red Machine " . I don't
      understand the problem people have about wearing the Blue . If it's a
      matter of "national pride" , give your head a shake !! Canadians
      play US , US already play British . If this hobby wants to survive ,
      are going to have to either come over to the dark side or carry both
      with them in order to "galvanize" and augment the line . Otherwise it
      return to 20 odd years ago when the British were fighting Fantazion
      Armies .
      To the Regiments that have already done this in the past , I thank you
      for your assistance . The Norfolk 's, Royals, and the I.M.U.C. , have
      assisted us on many occasions . Without them there would have been some
      pretty short battles and Larry would have been really tested in His
      improvisational skill's !!
      On this day of Canada's birthday, and our cousins just a few days away,
      can't help but wonder if we will survive to see the bicentennial
      re-enactments . We either need an influx of new dedicated people , or a
      real good blockbuster Hollywood movie ( there's an oxymoron ! ), to help
      spark interest, drive up prices of equipment , and make us cringe in our
      seats at the theater when we watch it ! ( Oh meow ! )
      To my fellow Canadian's - HAPPY DOMINION DAY !! ( Everyone knows I
      refuse to
      call it Canada Day )
      To my comrades in Blue - HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY !! ( In case I can't write
      Friday )
      To all of us , let's not allow our hobby die with a halfassed idea and
      attitude about what we are trying to do here . If we're going to do
      this ,
      let's do it right in order to commemorate the people we are trying so
      hard ,
      not to let everyone else forget in both of our countries . If we don't
      a damn than who will ?
      I'm not trying to throw stones here, I'm just trying to get the blood
      flowing .
      Hope to see everyone at Ft. George.
      John Harris
      25th US Infantry, Whiting's Company
      42nd Reg't , Grenadier Company

      The War of 1812: In Europe, thousands fought over the fate of hundreds
      of square miles: in North America, hundreds determined the fate of
      THOUSANDS of square miles...

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    • john harris
      ... Larry I thank you for the acknowledgement of the work that myself and my guy s have done over the past 5 years . How ever there is a group that tirelessly
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        > Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 19:30:47 -0400
        > From: "Larry Lozon" <lalozon@...>
        > Subject: US Troops now 'GRAND TACTICAL'

        > I remember when Ontario could boast of about 30 blue coats and now,
        > if it wasn't for John and his unit, there are virtually no bluecoats in
        > Ontario.

        Larry I thank you for the acknowledgement of the work that myself and my
        guy's have done over the past 5 years . How ever there is a group that
        tirelessly participates year in and year out and also , for the most part,
        travell's the furthest without complaint . That is the 19th US . Without
        them the line would be very small indeed ! Some of us can remember the day's
        when the 19th, the 17th, and a few other "regular" individuals , filled out
        the US line . Year after year, event after event , they are there . They
        are my closest friends and my comrades .

        > Your statement is so true John, if they don't want to actually raise an
        > American unit then most will have to carry both Brit and USA kits to
        > I applaud those who do and yes, Larry's commentary states: ....no enemy
        > no tactical!

        Agreed , but .. without offense to anyone . If you're going to make the
        effort to "join" the blue line , please take the time to do it right . We
        are very accomadating to provide guidence , and advice to anyone who want's
        to do it right . Please don't come to us with Rev-war uniforms, F &I
        uniforms , Star Trek uniforms , etc. It's really a matter of respect to what
        we are doing . I/We don't dress in Rev/ F& I when we play with the British
        line once a year at Niagara . Yes, we are not a North American Reg't, but ,
        we preform British Drill and wear a British uniform that is correct to the
        time we are portraying . We are very honoured when we are allowed to
        participate with the Batallion . Please do the same courtesy with us .

        > On the birthday of Canada and the United States I am reminded of the
        > longest
        > undefended border in the world and the friendships that have been forged
        > through
        > this hobby.

        I can't agree more . After 22 years of this time frame alone , I can't
        imagine not knowing the friends I have on both side's of the border . We are
        really blessed with this hobby .

        > Now to another matter .......
        > There are those in the hobby who are in fact trying to turn this hobby
        > around .....

        > Plans are in the works to hold a 'GRAND TACTICAL' every year. This would
        > mean
        > every 1812 unit in North American would attend. One year in Canada and the
        > next in
        > the USA.

        Sound's good . Let's take a page from the Civil war re-enactors . Plan on a
        big event in a region on a particular year . Allow sufficient time so
        people can plan ahead with work etc. And have "The Big One" . This is how
        they ( the Civil War ) get's 40,000 troops on field !!! Of couse we don't
        have that many, but it would be great to see more than 100 soldiers on field

        > The 1812 GRAND TACTICAL will only work with you the re-enactor attends.

        I'll be first to say " I'll be there ! "

        Larry Lozon

        John Harris
        25th US Infantry Whiting's company
        42nd Reg't Grenadier Company
      • Sgt. Wattie
        ... Oh great! NOW you tell us ... after we ve wasted $5 apiece on Spock ears for all of IMUC! Chris W.
        Message 3 of 4 , Jul 2, 2003
          > Please don't come to us with Rev-war uniforms, F &I
          > uniforms , Star Trek uniforms , etc.

          Oh great! NOW you tell us ... after we've wasted $5 apiece on "Spock
          ears" for all of IMUC!
          Chris W.
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