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[Fwd: Re: Waterloo]

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  • Christopher Franke
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      From: Bourlier Gerard <Gerard.Bourlier@...>
      Subject: RE: Waterloo
      To: 'Christopher Franke' <cfranke@...>,
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      From Christopher Franke Original message to G=E9rard Bourlier (Braine
      l'alleud - Waterloo -Belgium )
      Salut Gerard,
      It appears that no one has any confirmation over here from the
      Waterloo Committee re the change to 2001. therefore it is important =
      this happens before people start booking flights, or sending money.
      Please if you can get absolute confirmation would you send it to=20
      <WarOf1812@onelist.com> this would save people over here losing
      Thanks Chris

      Answer from G=E9rard Bourlier:
      YES My friend Everyone who call at Waterloo tourist office receive
      the same information , it was also published in the local press : =
      seems to be : Sponsors are thinking : People are more interested by =
      Championship 2000 in Belgian (As I am a gentleman I can't say what I =
      about football and as my secretary is a lady she can't write it but as =
      sponsors are neither one no the others, I hope they understand)=20
      > Bourlier Gerard wrote::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
      The next Waterloo-Re-enactment shall be in year 2001 and not 2000 .
      Waterloo-authorities and sponsors have just take the decision.
      > Waterloo, waterloo morne plaine.......(Victor Hugo)
      > La d=E9cision est tomb=E9e : La plaine de Mont Saint Jean restera =
      morne en
      > 2000 et ne retentira point des fiffres et des tambours. Les =
      > comp=E9tentes (administration communale, sponsors, ) ont d=E9cid=E9s =
      de ne pas
      > organiser de reconstitution de la bataille en 2000 . La prochaine
      > reconstitution est pr=E9vue en 2001.
      > ----------------------------------------
      > Naechste Waterloo re-enactment wird im Jahr 2001 . Das ist jetzt =
      > ----------------------------------------
      > Waterloo 2000 zal niet gebeuren . Wel in 2001.
      > ----------------------------------------
      > Non ci sara una riconstituzione
      > della battagla di Waterloo in 2000 ma in 2001
      > ---------------------------------------
      > 2me R=E9giment de Dragons
      > http://www.cyclone.be/napoleon
      > Gerard.Bourlier@...
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