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[Fwd: FW: Waterloo Re-enactment]

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  • Christopher Franke
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      From: Bourlier Gerard <Gerard.Bourlier@...>
      Subject: FW: Waterloo Re-enactment
      To: 'Christopher Franke' <cfranke@...>
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      Hi Chris
      I Receive the same kind of mail from Mr Bob Elmer of the Waterloo =
      and I give him the following answer.
      Perhaps can the Waterloo Comitee make something ????????????
      I have no more information.
      I'm also sorry .I'm waiting!
      Till next.

      2me R=E9giment de Dragons

      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: Bourlier Gerard=20
      > Sent: Monday, June 28, 1999 10:49 AM
      > To: 'Bob Elmer'
      > Subject: RE: Waterloo Re-enactment
      Mr Bob Elmer,
      > I'm 100% agree with you.
      > If I have diffused this information ,it's because the information is
      > coming from the Syndicat d'initiative de Waterloo (Near the =
      > museum) Tel. 0032/2/2/354.99.10
      > I had already contacted him and the answer was still waiting till =
      > week. Of course I don't have a letter signed by any authorities but =
      > peoples working in Brussel's museum or in contact with some other
      > authorities confirm the information.
      > As I (and my re-enactment group ) don't have any word to say in this
      > decision I can only hope that this decision will be changed.=20
      > All Belgian groups are in the same situation. Nobody ask us something =
      > perhaps foreign organisations as Waterloo Committee , Travel agencies =
      > so on (who bring tourists and money ) can changed it ???
      > I'm certainly an unofficial body and I want to remain it . I just =
      want to
      > diffuse the information . I shall be happy if you or anyone else can
      > change the decision . My e-mail was therefore.
      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: Bob Elmer [SMTP:bobelmer@...]
      > Sent: Saturday, June 26, 1999 1:12 AM
      > To: Bourlier Gerard
      > Cc: John White; Arthur Harman (NF); Ed van Haaster (NF); Mr Jon =
      > (NF); Piet De Gryse (NF); Mr Paddy Griffith; Chris Gilbride (NF); =
      > Michael Freeman; Ian Fletcher (NF); Mr Todd Fisher (NF); Mr Gaston
      > Fernandez (NF); (NF) Richard Dodman; Emmanuel Desanois (NF); (NF) Guy
      > Dempsey; Stuart Asquith (NF); 'Sue Cairncross'; Mr Matt DeLaMater; Mr =
      > Creasey (NF); Robin Coutts (NF); Nafziger Collection (NF); Mr Claudio
      > Braggio (NF); Bourlier Gerard; Borod 1812 (NF); Caliver Books(NF);
      > Stackpole Books; M. Fernand Beaucour (NF); Romain Baulesch (NF); Mr =
      > Avery (NF); Napoleonic Ass. (NF); Mr Rene Chartrand; Mr Paul =
      > Neil Carey (NF); Mr Robert Burnham (NF); Dr James Bruce (NF); Paul
      > Britten-Austin
      > Subject: Re: Waterloo Re-enactment
      > Gerard,
      > If your message is correct, it would be very SERIOUS, since =
      > have for a long time been making arrangmentts to attend Waterloo in =
      > 2000. However, we have heard this sort of thing before.
      > We need much more authoritative proof than an email from an =
      > body
      > such as yourself.
      > Who are these "authorities and sponsors" that have the right to =
      > all
      > the organisations and their members throughout the Napoleonic world?
      > With all respect, Gerard, we need firm information from someone in =
      > Can you get Mayor Kubla to send a signed letter, with the greatest
      > possible
      > urgency, to all of the organisations that plan to arrange visits to
      > Waterloo
      > in June 2000.
      > I am about to send the next Journal to all our 600 members, and I =
      > like
      > to give them reliable information.
      > Bob Elmer
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