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Re: Historical fiction

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  • james barnwell
    Tim, I visited the local barnes and Noble store and they could not find the Rifleman harris book.Borders,however had a copy of Kincaid Adventures in the Rifle
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 26, 1999
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      I visited the local barnes and Noble store and they could not find
      the Rifleman harris book.Borders,however had a copy of" Kincaid
      Adventures in the Rifle Brigade" leo cooper,publisher.It is reproduced
      as it was published in 1830. I shall keep looking for the other
      books....Thank You Jim Barnwell
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      > << So where do you find these diaries in
      > print?Much more has been
      > written about in our "war between the states"by the
      > participants,than
      > by our Rev. war or war of 1812.I think it would be
      > difficult to find
      > what was written by those you mention,here in the
      > states.In europe
      > perhaps a bit easier.... Jim barnwell >>
      > Actually Jim Barnes & Noble is a good start.
      > I recall that they had the reprint of 'The
      > Recollections of Rifleman Harris'
      > in stock and I think one of Kinkaids books. Coignet
      > has not yet been re
      > printed but look for it in antiquarian bookshops the
      > earlier the better as
      > the post 1850 editions have the 'rude' bits cut out
      > and they are great fun.
      > Sir Harry Smiths 2 volume life is going to set you
      > back about $200 but its a
      > cracker though he does tend to think the world
      > revolves around him. Some of
      > Sharpe is based on him and the account of his
      > meeting a 13 year old
      > aristocratic Spanish girl after the Siege of Badajos
      > is most interesting. He
      > married her later and she followed him all over to
      > India and South Africa
      > (ever wonder how the town of Ladysmith got its name?
      > It was named after
      > Juanita!).
      > Arms and Armour Press have published several
      > autobiographies and I am sure
      > that Marbot (who was the basis of Conan Doyle's
      > 'Brigadier Gerard') has been
      > re-printed.
      > If you have any particular unit that you are
      > interested in let me know and I
      > will see what I can dig up.
      > Personal accounts can cost from a few$ for a reprint
      > to several thousand for
      > an original hand written account (there is one by
      > Lieutenant George Sulivan
      > of the 1st Lifeguards in the current Maggs catalogue
      > 103p 4to. and even the
      > booksellers describe it as rivaling Hornblower and
      > Sharpe. Two copies, a
      > rough draft and a highly legible 'fair' copy. A snip
      > at 4,500 pounds!)
      > Cheers
      > Tim
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