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15 to 18 May - Albuera (Spain) Event

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  • Larry Lozon
    ... From: Peter Catley Please circulate to anyone who might be interested in this trip. The deatils are also available on the Napoleonic News forum and the Web
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 6, 2003
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      From: Peter Catley

      Please circulate to anyone who might be interested in this trip. The
      deatils are also available on the Napoleonic News forum and the Web Site

      Thanks for your assistance.



      Albuera Update

      The event takes place on the 16th, 17th and 18th of May 2003.

      We will fly to Madrid on Thursday 15th May and return, via Madrid on Tuesday
      20th May 2003.

      There is (so we're told) subsidy for the flights to Madrid. We are
      currently seeking the best fares to get there. They vary from £120 to £180
      If you budget a sum of roughly £150 this should include any "beer money" you
      may spend in Spain.

      Our preferred option at the moment is the Iberia flight IB 7643 departing
      London Gatwick at 09:00 arriving 12:30 The estimated cost is currently £140
      return including taxes.

      There are cheaper flights available but they will depend on when you book,
      see easyJet.com their flights go from Luton and Gatwick. Alternatively BA
      fly out of Heathrow and Gatwick. If you wish to make use of these options,
      please book your own arrangements. You need to ensure that you arrive at
      Terminal 1 Barajas airport, Madrid no later than 14:00 since that is the
      time the coach will leave.

      The return trip will arrive at Madrid airport for the flight scheduled for
      13:00 take off, I estimate that we will be at the airport at about 11.30 It
      may be possible to arrive earlier, but please remember it is a 4 hour

      If you choose to avail yourself of an alternative flight please ensure that
      we are notified of the flight details and the arrival time otherwise you
      could get left at the Airport.

      When you book your place on the trip Maureen will ask you to send a cheque
      for £140 if we are booking the flight. These cheques should be made out to W
      B B U G (don't ask! It is a trading account that I have set up)

      Once we know the actual cost and the subsidy then we will work out
      individual costs and make the necessary adjustments. If any one has any
      problems regarding these arrangements please contact me 01753-866854 or
      peter.Catley@..., I hope the requirements are clear!

      The Spanish will provide a coach to Albuera. Those who went there last time
      will remember it is about 4 hours drive and there is a stop along the way
      for toilets and drinks.

      Accommodation is in a Sports Hall. The army have lent the bunk-beds with
      pillows, sheets and blankets. If you are a light sleeper, take earplugs
      (you will need them).

      All meals are being provided and that includes for the Monday!, as well as
      powder and pyrotechnics.

      On the Friday there will be the Commemorative events on the Anniversary of
      the Battle, Saturday and Sunday will be public battles. Monday is a freeday,
      for your own use or alternatively you could join in the day trip that we are
      trying to organise to Badajoz Tuesday we fly home. Any questions, please let
      us know, and we'll answer them (or find out the answer for you)

      If you would like to come you need urgently to register your interest with
      our co-ordinator Maureen Lancaster (Home phone. (01843) 863042, E-mail
      address lovelanc@... Work Fax number 018 43-258222) She needs to
      know who is traveling, your musket serial number, and details of your
      European Firearms pass. We must have this information quickly since we need
      to notify the Spanish Authorities in order to get the necessary clearances
      for the muskets to travel to and out Spain.

      You are very strongly advised to ensure that you have an E111 NHS Health
      form with you. We look forward to hearing from all, it is going to be a
      great trip!


      Peter Catley
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