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The Brig battle continues...

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  • tlubka@pathcom.com
    Scott J. wrote: snip What good is a period replica if it isn t used in a historical content and surrounding. This is the same as if we were to show up at
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 1999
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      Scott J. wrote:
      snip >What good is a period replica if it isn't used
      in a historical content and surrounding. This is
      the same as if we were to show up at reenactments
      with period weapons but modern clothes for the
      sake of convenience. I don't begrudge those who
      have the opportunity to learn large ship sailing
      on these ships. I would love the opportunity.
      However, there should be some use of them for
      public historical education in their proper
      historical content with period crews.<snip

      I totally agree with you Scott. I think the safety
      issue doesn't hold water, especially when the crew
      wear's shorts. The tarred rigging is pretty rough on
      the skin. I guess I will show up at reenactments wearing
      leather gauntlets because you could get flint cuts and burns
      from handling a hot musket!
      And yes Sean I did crawl up the rigging for a look see and
      to fire my musket from the fighting tops and no I'm not a sailing
      expert but from what I saw clothing for safety's sake wasn't an
      issue. Did you know that only certain people of the crew volunteer
      for top side duty? the rest pull lines and do other sailing duties
      on the main deck.
      I know for a fact because I have talked to people involved with the
      ship that the sailing crew's mind set in not on history but on sailing
      therefore they don't want to play the part.
      I think there are lots of people out there who would be more than willing
      to do it.

      Terry Lubka

      GLI, 25th US
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