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Re: [WarOf1812] start the argument

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  • PEGGY Mathews
    Tish-tosh Sir, you must be much too gentile for us. Heck-fire, this ain t an agrument. In North Americay iff n I cain t smack him upside the head we ain t
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 3, 2003
      Tish-tosh Sir, you must be much too gentile for us.

      Heck-fire, this ain't an agrument. In North Americay iff'n I cain't smack
      him upside the head we ain't really serious!

      Blame it in part on a bad day for me, and my inevitible desire to play
      devil's advocate. Never afraid to speak what's on the minds of some, even
      if they fear to openly opine. Plus it's probably a safe generalization that
      the more serious (in terms of authenticity) are on this list.


      "We must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it -- but we
      must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor." -- Oliver Wendell Holmes

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      >Subject: [WarOf1812] start the argument
      >Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003 11:54:08 -0500
      >From: "Peter Catley" <peter.catley@...>
      >Sorry guys, I didn't intend to start the argument off
      >about control :-) That 'll teach me to keep quiet!!
      >Squire P**
      > Not to fear as Roger, Michael and myself will
      >kiss, hug and share a glass and then back to shooing
      >the foe.
      > God I love this hobby ........ and planet!
      >PS: I must comment on your attire tho, when chatting up
      >the Ladies your coat should be buttoned and your neck
      >cloth tied! You may have fought in the wilderness
      >(Mississinewa) but you are a Gentleman, according to
      >the Squire of Titmouse and should be attired as so ...
      >The War of 1812: In Europe, thousands fought over the fate of hundreds of
      >square miles: in North America, hundreds determined the fate of THOUSANDS
      >of square miles...
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