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Re: [WarOf1812] Highland scum

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    In a message dated 22/9/02 6:52:22 AM, ortheris@rogers.com writes:
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      In a message dated 22/9/02 6:52:22 AM, ortheris@... writes:

      << I have been following all this havering about Highland scum, Lowland
      scum etc. , but my Grandad used to say "British by birth, Scottish
      by the grace of God". >>

      In Australia, they say: "Pommy Bastards".
      And since they are more fond of the Scots, it's "Scottish Pommy Bastards".

      (And I am still surprised Abolt has all his teeth, when many a year ago, I
      was right there when a fellow told him, "I'm from Australia", and Mr. Steve
      in all sincerity asked him, "Oh, are you a Pommy?" ......If looks could

      93rd Highlanders
      THE Thin Red Line
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