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Re: Sgt Sashes

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      taillefer@... writes:

      << I'm looking for info on a 'sprung' sgt sash. I've been contracted to
      reproduce one and I need info on how to make it. You can email off the list
      at taillefer@...
      Marc Auger >>

      Ah the illusive Sprang! (it is Sprang by the way not sprung) first the good
      news not all sergeants sashes were sprang so you don't have to do the real
      thing. Now the bad news, even the army does not use this any more as it is
      (a) too expensive to produce and (b) I doubt that anyone has the capacity to
      do it any more. Peg Mathews has worked out the basic weave but the military
      sashes (goes twice round the body) used to be woven on a loom that was nearly
      30 feet long.
      M. Hand and Co used to do them before WW2, Derek Hand once told me that they
      used to have the loom on its end and it went through 3 floors in the
      workshop. However the loom was damaged by a bomb in WW2 and although the
      government offered to buy them a new one they refused.
      Somebody was turning them out until 10 years ago but only in the made up
      modern form but I believe this is no longer done. I used to have someone in
      England who could imitate the look of sprang in a flat weave (on an inkle
      loom as I recall) but she long sine gave up doing them for me.

      Today sprang is like the unicorn, everyone thinks it might be just around the
      next bend but no one has ever seen it!


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