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Re: [WarOf1812] Incorporation benefits are great!!

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  • David Brunelle
    Dear List, The Historic Military Establishment of Upper Canada is fully registered as a not-for-profit corporation with full Charity Status. We had a local
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 22, 2002
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      Dear List,

      The Historic Military Establishment of Upper Canada is fully registered
      as a not-for-profit corporation with full Charity Status. We had a local
      law firm undertake the paperwork for us at a cost of about $2500.00. It was
      well worth the money. Our organization and all re-enactment groups that are
      associated with us as members also have the full benefits of using the
      Charity staus of the Parent organization when it comes to fund raising and
      running events.
      As an organization you can retrieve back group expenses directly related
      to the operation of the corporation. For example, individual members would
      not be able to recoup gas, mileage, food etc., for travelling to an event.
      That would fall under there personal expenses and not the corporations.
      Liability is definitly safer as the corporation takes on the
      responsibility instead of individuals. The insurance is also cheaper and
      covers the re-enactor as an individual not just the unit he belongs to or
      the sanctioned events his unit attends. Our organization insures the
      re-enactor and his or her families as well as volunteers, staff etc.. Some
      policies insure only musket men and not there families where ours covers
      Being incorporated and registered as a charity allows your organization
      to apply and qualify for grants, loans and bursaries for your organization.
      Also being able to write official tax deductible receipts is a great help
      for fundraising etc..

      More information about our organization and its structure:

      Benefits of Membership in the
      Historic Military Establishment of Upper Canada

      · H.M.E.U.C. is a not for profit corporation and with charity status. This
      benefit allows our group and its members to qualify and apply for government
      grants and loans. Also, we are recognized as a viable entity and can enter
      into contracts and legal agreements. Members can also give out official
      income tax receipts for donations made to their organization. Cost of
      incorporation was $2500.00

      · H.M.E.U.C. has period equipment including boats, tents, cannons, muskets,
      etc. that are available to its members upon request and approval.

      · H.M.E.U.C. has a great liability insurance policy that covers each group's
      volunteers, members, employees, events and family members. Members are
      insured as individuals and not governed by group sanctioned events or which
      uniform they are wearing.

      · H.M.E.U.C. has many opportunities to employ members and re-enactors
      through education programs, interpretive seminars and the movie industry.

      · H.M.E.U.C. wishes to function as an umbrella group for re-enactment and
      historical groups. Each group still functions as an independent governing
      body but have the extra benefit of having a focused approach when dealing
      with historic sites, government organizations and other businesses.
      H.M.E.U.C. functions as a common voice for all its members and everyone

      · H.M.E.U.C. operates monthly fund raising activities, which members could
      participate in and benefit from the proceeds.

      · Cost of membership in the H.M.E.U.C. is $20.00 per musket man or
      individual and includes coverage for immediate family members as well.

      Historic Military Establishment of Upper Canada
      (Not-For-Profit Registered Corporation/Charity)
      Board of Directors
      (5 Directors)
      (To Date About 300)
      Royal Newfoundland Regiment - Penetanguishene, Ontario
      49th Grenadier Regiment - Peterborough, Ontario
      Norfolk Militia - Toronto, Ontario
      25th U.S. Regiment - Orillia, Ontario
      Individual/Independent Members
      Town of Penetanguishene
      Town of Midland
      Tiny Township
      Village of Elmvale
      Penetanguishene Centennial Museum
      Penetanguishene Curling Club/Team Howard Community Centre
      Fort Willow Historic Site
      Nottawasaga Conservation Authority
      Nancy Island Historic Site
      Aboriginal Tourism Association
      Community & Special Event Management
      Battle of Georgian Bay
      Winterama Cardboard Toboggan Race
      Halloween and Christmas Events
      Lantern Tours
      Great Canadian Heritage Lottery
      Education and Community Programming

      If anyone would like further information on our organization or would like
      to join please do not hesitate to contact myself at brunelle@... or

      Take Care!!

      Dave Brunelle
      Historic Military Establishment of Upper Canada
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