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Re: singin' in the rain

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  • Robert Van Patten
    Betsy: Can you please clarify something you said below about the NWTA and women s clothing? Is their position on colors reasonable or not in the context of
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      Betsy: Can you please clarify something you said below about the NWTA and
      women's clothing? Is their position on colors reasonable or not in the
      context of frontier life?

      I am a little reticent about expressing an opinon on the umbrella
      organization issue since, as you know, I am among what I have seen
      identified as the "moose and squirrel" guys -- in other words a militia
      outfit -- but I think some recommendation along the lines I've seen here
      are useful as guidance -- the upper level being applied to regular units
      and units of other types in which appearance is well validated by competent
      authority. When it comes to nit picky stuff such as an ironclad insistence
      upon handsewn buttonholes I get a little restive.

      As for militia units I think the acceptable level is perfectly reasonable,
      particularly so in the case of Ohio militia since the Ohio Militia Law
      stated that their uniform was to be whatever the majority of the company
      agreed upon.

      I also share your apprehensions about the arrogance and megalomania so
      common in the organizations you mentioned. If the 1812 scene gets like
      that I think I'll go fit out as a Waffen SS Oberststurmfeuhrer.

      van >aka orville@...<
      > From: Betsy Bashore <bashore@...>
      > To: WarOf1812@onelist.com
      > Subject: [WarOf1812] singin' in the rain
      > Date: Monday, May 31, 1999 8:37 PM
      > From: Betsy Bashore <bashore@...>
      > I see I've been away too long... (too much to read at one sitting)
      > I must amend Diana's entry regarding our visibility in line (only
      > because I find it so funny when this happens). I've been stalked (albeit
      > breifly) by teenaged girls, I've almost given old ladies heart attacks
      > when they say "young man can you come over here and have your picture
      > taken" (and then I reply "sure" in the squeaky voice), I was threatened
      > with bodily harm if I didn't vacate the women's bathroom at Malden one
      > year and, this year at longwoods, I terrified two girls, one who was
      > holding the door for the other because "there is a GUY in here". And all
      > this without facial hair. The dichotomy is that I do clean up well,
      > though you still can't take me everywhere.
      > Now on to my pet peeve of the week-- and an explanation of why I (and my
      > compatriots) get twitchy each time an umbrella organization is
      > mentioned. We do have a group (Northwest Army), but it is by invitation.
      > There are no dues and therefore there is no vote and no room for
      > politicing. I have witnessed some fine groups destroyed by megalomania,
      > arrogance, and insecurity. I earlier stated that attitude is everything
      > in hosting events, it is also the foundation for group entities. Our
      > unit is based on strong ties of friendship- our unbrella group is based
      > on the same principles, though we include a more diverse population than
      > I would perhaps allow in my house (though we have let Paul in :) )
      > My greatest fear is that 1812 will be irreparably politicized like F&I
      > and Civil War. Reccent exposure to the petty small minded of the world
      > brought this issue into focus for me. I understand the desire to share
      > information, to advise and consult-- these points do not need to be
      > legislated.
      > As point of example (thank you Van), the NWTA (last I knew) restricted
      > the colours of women's dress to drab earth tones-- from want of
      > knowledge? for ease of control? Extant exaples show a very different
      > dress for common folk and the misrepresentation was an integral fascet
      > of their women's clothing program (complete with untruths to support the
      > bogus arguement).
      > Working for the betterment of the hobby need not include an organization
      > with regulations to govern us (bit o' the yank philosophy). We can not
      > even agree on the appropriateness of children on the field.
      > Communication on vital issues and the transmission of information is a
      > suitable starting point. I think the issue of an umbrella group is being
      > pressed too hard; continuing to police our "sides" may be the best
      > policy for the time being. If we agree that standards should exist and
      > try to impress the importance of such on those who do not meet them
      > (yet) I think we can not only improve the impression, but win over a few
      > new people in the process. Our "sides" are very different and require
      > different approaches and different sources of information.
      > Betsy
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