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  • Larry Lozon
    From: lenthecooper I can get to places like Guelph in 40 minutes from the megacity so, that would mean that Larry has moved into
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2002
      From: "lenthecooper" <lheidebrecht@...>

      I can get to places like Guelph in 40 minutes from the megacity so,
      that would mean that Larry has moved into 'the evil influence.' So
      Lar, you've been in the area for quite a while (2years?) have you
      started driving an SUV, while talking on a cel phone and drinking
      a Starbucks Late' yet? :^)

      Dear Brother Cooper,

      I don't know why you would drive to Guelph, other than to get
      some Wellington Ale,
      as I live in Waterloo. As for the "GTA" (actually short for "Centre of the
      Universe") it seems
      that it is all 'TRAWNNA"

      Ok, all get your maps of Canada out and I shall explain, Erik,
      do they have Canadian Maps in Japan? Anne, ya gots to find the Inland Seas
      known as the Great Lakes, now find Toronto, then move about 60 miles (100
      km) to the west and find the city of 'Kitchener', then move north east and
      find the city of 'Barrie', continue south east to 'Peterborough' and finally
      south west to city of 'St. Catherines' ........ Ladies and Gents ..... that
      is " TRAWNNA" ..... this area is the 'Centre of the Universe', yes, every
      one in this area shops in Toronto, eats in Toronto, vacations in Toronto
      ........ !!!!

      I drive a 1990 Pontiac Transport van, I do not own a cell phone and
      as for Starbucks,
      (for those not of this continent, Starbucks is an upscale Coffee Shop chain)
      when I lived in Guelph
      I met Larry Stutt (8th Regt) at Starbucks in the main mall, he was in town
      on business and knew
      where this coffee shop was located. We walked to the counter and ordered a
      coffee, the clerk asked if it was to be a cappuccino, latte, almond dream,
      etc. that we wanted. I said, "no, just two large plain black coffees", the
      clerk said, "oh, we don't have that on the menu today!"

      Len, just a plain damn coffee, now west of 'Trawnna' near Detroit, we have
      coffee/donut shops called Tim Horton's and they sell REAL COFFEE! So as for
      GTA .............!!!

      NOTE: Before I get all the inhabitants of the GTA flaming me, Len and I are
      very good friends
      and fraternal Brothers, so I can slam him about where he

      also, while I am on a rant ......

      As far as drums correct for Rev or 1812......

      Reproduction drums in the following sizes

      (1st number across drum head)
      (2nd number length of drum shell)

      wooden drums
      14" x 10"
      14" x 12"
      16" x 153/4"

      brass drums
      14" x 10"
      14 x 12
      15 x 11

      are available


      The Discriminating General


      Ashley Grange Traders

      in Canada


      in the USA


      and are priced

      Approximately $325 to $495



      Born in Chatham, moved to the
      Trawnna area (GTA) cuz the better half
      got a job offer not even Len could pass
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