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Re: bright colours

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  • Robert Van Patten
    Well -- we live and learn! ... 1812. ... Day-Glo ... and ... 1809 ... the ... that ... printed ... earth. ... RED / ... dazzle ... authorities ... square
    Message 1 of 2 , May 30, 1999
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      Well -- we live and learn!

      > From: R. Feltoe <feltoe@...>
      > To: War.of.1812@onelist.com
      > Subject: [WarOf1812] bright colours
      > Date: Sunday, May 30, 1999 9:09 PM
      > From: "R. Feltoe" <feltoe@...>
      > To Robert Van Patten.
      > On your comment that "there were no brilliant colors in any cloth in
      1812. "
      > I have to tell you that while there may not have been the stayfast
      > type tones we see in poly clothing, there were, absolutely, "brilliant"
      > startlingly bright colours and tints used in cloth. I have numerous
      > photographs that I took of original swatches of cloth produced between
      > and 1815 and included in "Ackerman's Repository' to show off the latest
      > styles of clothing,furniture, and curtains etc.. You wouldn't believe
      > vibrant colours and blends they used. I also have pictures of a dress
      > has to be seen to be believed. Just follow me on this one. Roller
      > cotton, made in New York around 1807. Made into an outfit for a woman in
      > York (Toronto) around 1811, consisting of a full length skirt, Spencer
      > jacket, detachable cape and reticule. The colours were a base of bright
      > mustard yellow, partially overprinted with a hard rust red and a dark
      > The whole creating a series of stripes YELLOW / RED / BROWN / YELLOW /
      RED /
      > BROWN etc. but all in TWO (2) INCH ZIG ZAGS !!!!!!!
      > My God, the woman must have been visible at 500 yards. I've heard of
      > camouflage but this outfit really does warrant seeing. It will blow away
      > any concept of the "Pastel pretties" some books and so-called
      > would have us believe were the only colours and tones ladies wore. If
      > anyone is interested I will bring the photo albums to Stoney creek.
      > Regards Richard Feltoe
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