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  • Paul W. Schulz
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I am probably opening myself for a fair bit of ridicule, but well, I stick with what I am good at. Many have written in about umbrella
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 1998
      Ladies and Gentlemen,
      I am probably opening myself for a fair bit of ridicule, but well, I
      stick with what I am good at. Many have written in about umbrella groups and
      research techniques and the superiority of us over them. If it is intended
      or not many of these notes have a disturbingly self righteous tone to them.
      I personally am in favor of some form of clearing house, hence my presence
      here among you fine people. A complete governing body that would cover both
      sides of the war may be problematic. Larry made many good points in his last
      "series" of dispatches (this man must spend more time on the net than any
      three people, and I thought I was addicted). The Crown units have a multi
      regional capability that US units really do not. To recommend that we can
      portray Dutch without rekitting demonstrates a lack of knowledge about US
      uniforms and equipment. This is as foolish as attempting to portray US
      Forces equipped as French Line, which has been attempted (hence some of the
      US units concerns about Napoleanics). Which events and what kits adopted are
      a unit's decision based on what, when, who and where their intended
      impression was. Our involvement should be in providing information in a very
      patient and NONcondesating tone. If you want people to seek you out for
      information so that our hobby and heritage is preserved and displayed
      correctly then you must always be on guard NOT to offend, Not to bring old
      wounds that happened in yours or any other group (in split it takes two to
      have a disagreement, the one pointing fingers usually forgets that they
      retain 50% of the blame). Simply put stop sounding like Puritans in a
      Massachusetts Pulpit, don't kick these people in the teeth. I am an EMS
      Instructor and my job is to convey information that must get through to the
      student, clearly and completely. People I'll never meet are depending upon
      the quality of my work. This means the student must listen, understand, stay
      interested AND NOT GET TURNED OFF. The content of my lectures does not
      change because it is mandated by Congress and the DOT, but if I have a bad
      day and come off with the attitude that I get from reading my mail, well the
      students don't pay attention so they don't learn and they probably will fail
      (if they do squeak by they still didn't learn all they should have and
      someone is gonna die). When this happens in the eyes of the student the
      instructor has lost credibility so when he teaches again he is already two
      strikes behind the count (baseball term for some of our international
      friends). The content of the message never changes but could be KILLED by
      the way it was delivered. Your ideas are good, your impute is vital and this
      forum is long over due, but just think how far Christ would have gotten had
      he approached the Sermon on the Mount the way Arnold and Sylvester blow up
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