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Fw: Robert G. Stone, maker of period British Army blankets

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  • Larry Lozon
    A forwarded email for your information ... From: Roger Fuller I ve been looking into these for some time ans If you are
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2002
      A forwarded email for your information

      ----- Original Message -----
      From: "Roger Fuller" <fullerfamily@...>

      I've been looking into these for some time ans If you
      are interested contact me at fullerfamily@...
      as I am not on the Warof1812 Yahoogroup.


      Robert Stone, Handweaver
      11314 East Deer Path Drive
      Robinson, IL 62454
      (618) 544-4645

      ...has researched eight examples of 18th century British Army blankets in
      museums and has published an article in the Company of Military Historians'
      journal, about "British Army Blankets, 1740-1813." (If anyone needs a
      photocopy of this article I can send it to you by snail mail.) He produces,
      using this research as a basis, a reproduction 100% wool blanket in natural
      white colo, woven in a single width. The thin double stripes on each end are
      a dark tan (Dk blue or black is also a possibilty.). The blanket is woven in
      a 'duffel' style (a plain weave). It is 67" x 86" and the ends are cut and
      unfinished. The blanket has a nap front and back. The king's cipher (G.R.
      and a broad arrow) is block printed on one corner.

      I have seen these blankets and they are a match to the original at the
      museum at Ft. Ticonderoga. You can't do any better than getting a
      reproduction blanket from Robert Stone. Indeed, these blankets can be used
      for impressions from the French and Indian War to the American Revolution
      all the way to Napoleonic and War of 1812.

      I will warn you, they are expensive, BUT...Robert isn't out to gouge you, he
      makes high quality handwoven reproduction lankets. He is more than willing
      to make a deal with you when you order in quantity, because the most labor
      intensive part of making a blanket is in setting up the loom. For that
      reason, it is little more expensive for him to make a run of five blankets
      as it is for him to make one...most of the labor cost is the set up.

      Other reenactment groups, such as the AWI 2d Virginia Regiment, have been
      very successful in doing group orders with Mr Stone. Last time, the 2nd VA
      (Todd Post's group) got six three-point blankets, normally $165, for $130
      each. Robert lets you mix and match, so they, as a re-created Continental
      Army get a mixture of British issue blankets and three-point blankets . The
      British Army issue blankets as described above are $210.00 list price, but
      quantity orders, they are _much_ cheaper.

      I don't expect that everybody will jump up and order a blanket for himself
      at once, but, in time, if we get enough orders together, maybe the cost can
      be brought WAY DOWN- something to think about, as we are practitioners of
      living history who want to improve our impressions, this is a good step
      along that path to authenticity.

      Feel free to forward this to anybody you know- maybe we can get something
      together out of this that might help all of us.

      Roger Fuller
      95th (Rifles) Regt. 3rd Battalion

      "All prices are quoted in USA Currency"
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