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Fw: rifles

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  • Larry Lozon
    ... fixed ... sword ... right ... had
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 28, 2002
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      > From: Roger Fuller (not on the 1812 Yahoogroup)

      > You could be confusing the loading sequence with that of fixing
      > swords, however, correct about the relative length of the Baker
      > with an affixed sword vis-a-vis the India Pattern Musket with its own
      > bayonet- when forming square, the procedure for riflemen is the same as
      > with muskets - drop to the right knee, rifle butt outward, barrel and
      > facing up and outward at a 45 deg. angle, rifle butt at the base of the
      > knee. But if among themselves, riflemen did not form square, but instead
      > formed circle, as it was quicker.
      > The sword is fixed on the rifle when it is at the order, same procedure
      > as when fixing bayonets on a musket using the manual of arms in line
      > infantry drill (see de Rottenburg's "Exercise for Light Infantry and
      > Riflemen", 1799, British line infantry manual 1807/1811, adapted from
      > Dundas' work of 1792).
      > In de Rottenburg's manual, the rifle is clutched between the calves and
      > knees, and the knees are slightly bent, when ramming down the ball during
      > the loading and firing sequence in the standing position. De Rottenburg's
      > manual is available for about US $20.00 from www.kingspress.com .
      > The Barber and Cooper manuals, avail. from Parcs Canada and other
      > sources, are interesting, but, since they were privately printed,
      > inapplicable, as the Rifles and LI units in the British forces worldwide
      > were, after 1808, permitted to use only two manuals: de Rottenburg's and
      > the line infantry manual. This was done to avoid the utter confusion that
      > existed among LI units in the AWI, who used different manuals and
      > tactics, depending on who was commanding.
      > I hope it wasn't any of my guys doing the knock-knees while fixing
      > swords :^) But then again, with those India-made Bakers, somebody
      > probably couldn't get the thing on -or off ..... we use the Rifle Shoppe
      > Bakers.
      > Roger ~ 95th Rifles
      > -------------------------------------------
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