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WAR Of 1812 2002 Events - Revised Nov 2/01

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  • Larry Lozon
    WAR Of 1812 2002 Events - Revised as of Nov 2/01 ... From: Dear Fellow Re-enactors, It is with great pride that I take this opportunity to
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      WAR Of 1812 2002 Events - Revised as of Nov 2/01

      Another 1812 event added to the list:

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      Dear Fellow Re-enactors,

      It is with great pride that I take this opportunity to invite you
      and your unit to the WAR OF 1812 IN WISCONSIN to be held
      at the historic Villa Louis in Prairie Du Chein, Wisconsin.

      The event will take place July 19-21st, 2002 on the original
      battlefield where American and British-Canadian soldiers clashed
      in 1814. Villa Louis is an Historic Site operated by the State
      Historical Society of Wisconsin.

      Past regiments and re-enactors who have attended have
      been the Prairie Du Chein Militia, 2nd US Artillery, the Michigan
      Fencibles, the Mackinac Volunteers, the 25th US Infantry,
      the 7th US Infantry, the 4th Regiment of Foot, the Royal Regiment
      of Artillery and the 1st US Infantry to name only a few.

      If you are interested, please contact:

      John Fenner- Military Coordinator
      (920) 499-1215 jwfenner@...

      Michael Douglass- site director
      (608) 326-2721 villalou@...

      We encourage you to make plans for attending our year
      2002 event. This is an excellent opportunity to interpret
      a well documented battle on it original site along the
      Mississippi along side some of the finest War of 1812
      re-enactors in the United States and Canada.

      Please pass this along to any friends!


      WAR Of 1812 2002 Events List

      January 11-12 New Orleans

      March 9-10 War-1812 Syposium, Fort Leavenworth Kansas

      May 4-5 Havre De Grace, MD
      May 4-5 Battle of Longwoods London Ont
      May 25 NW Co. War of 1812, Pine City, Minn

      May 31 June 1-2 Battle of Stoney Creek Hamiton Ont

      June 22 Jefferson Patterson Park Tavern Night, St. Leonard's, MD

      July 13-14, Cryslers Farm
      July 19-21st Prairie Du Chein, Wisconsin.

      August 2-4 Battle for Mackinac Island
      August 3-4 Time Line Fort Malden
      Aug 10-11 Fort Erie, Fort Erie Ont

      Sept 7-8 Battle of Lake Erie Event, Put-in-Bay, Ohio
      Sept 6-8 Battle of Plattsburgh
      Sept 28-29 Jefferson Patterson Park Museum, St. Leonard's, MD
      Sept 28-29 Old Fort Niagara 1812 event Lewiston NY

      Oct 5-6 Heritage Days Chatham, Ont
      Oct 19-20 Fort Osage Militia Muster, Sibley Missouri
      Oct 11-13 Mississinewa 1812, Marion, Indiana



      WAR Of 1812 2003 Events List

      Oct 10-12 Mississinewa 1812 Marion Indiana

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