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Re: Ft. Niagara 1812 event & border crossing

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  • Larry Lozon
    FYI RE: War of 1812 British Garrison & 1BNAR change of Command Parade September 29-30, 2001 Old Fort Niagara Youngstown, NY ... From: Doug DeCroix
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 19, 2001
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      RE: War of 1812 British Garrison
      1BNAR change of Command Parade

      September 29-30, 2001

      Old Fort Niagara
      Youngstown, NY

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      From: "Doug DeCroix" <d_squared6@...>

      > I have just gotten off the phone with U.S. Customs officials at the
      > Lewiston-Queenston Bridge, regarding the number of Canadians who plan to
      > cross into the U.S. with flintlocks for our upcoming event. Here is what
      > have so far . . .
      > The initial indication from the U.S. officials is that this will not, I
      > repeat, NOT be a problem. I will get the final word from U.S. bridge
      > supervisor Pete Garringer tomorrow and will pass on additional information
      > after that. I just wanted to get the word out ASAP.
      > Canadian reenactors coming to Old Fort Niagara will probably want to bring
      > copy of the invitation (please make copies for your unit members) and any
      > Canadian weapons paperwork which you may have. Also, of course, if you
      > happen to have U.S. paperwork, this will not hurt. We will be sending the
      > bridge documentation from our end, so that they will be aware of the
      > etc.
      > At this point, I would recommend using the Lewiston bridge if possible, as
      > that is where we are placing the most emphasis with our information
      > dissemination. For your additional convenience, your Customs service has
      > website which lists current bridge traffic times. It seems to be updated
      > fairly frequently. The address is: <ccra-adrc.gc.ca> This will give you
      > main menu-- you then click on "Border Wait Times" to get the listing.
      > As most of you have probably guessed by now, this means that we WILL be
      > going ahead with the program as planned. Some folks have expressed
      > over issues of taste in continuing with our plans. I would like to go on
      > record as saying on behalf of Old Fort Niagara that we fully respect those
      > feelings and will understand if individuals make whatever choice they are
      > comfortable with (that's what freedom is about after all). However, we
      > that, particularly as the grant we have received for the program was
      > designed specifically to promote international unity and cooperation, it
      > will be sending a louder message to continue with our plans. We hope
      > everyone understands our motivation and are not offended by our decision.
      > For those who have not heard, our meal plan for the weekend will be to
      > provide breakfast both days and supper on Saturday (planning for a 5:00
      > meal) so that folks can prepare for the tactical which begins at 7:30PM.
      > You will be on your own for lunch. The ladies which have once again
      > graciously offered to provide our meal prep have come up with a lovely
      > for supper and are requesting that units bring a large Dutch oven for each
      > eight (8) people who attend. Also plan on bringing plates, bowls,
      > etc.
      > I know this is a long note, but I hope that everyone bears with it. Thank
      > you all for your support and understanding over the last week. It means
      > more than you can know. I am very much looking forward to seeing so many
      > close friends very soon.
      > Sincerely,
      > Douglas DeCroix
      > Director of Interpretation
      > Old Fort Niagara
      > PS: Could those with the technology please see that others with internet
      > connections receive a copy of this? Alas our technology here is somewhat
      > limited, as is my list of addresses. Thank You.
      For more info visit
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