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Fw: Why do I Re-enact?

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  • Larry Lozon
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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 17, 2001
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      > I have a request from Paul,
      > your pleasure, Sir, as it "IS" your list.
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      > Sure.
      > Jim
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      > > Larry,
      > > As I'm no longer on the 1812 list I do not have
      > > immediate access to posting something. I was wondering
      > > if you might place the following on it for me?
      > > Thanks
      > > Paul
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      > > Why do I Re-enact
      > >
      > > I am conscious of the duty that is preformed by those
      > > who make history a living and unforgotten entity. I
      > > served my Country in uniform for many years. I
      > > attended the funerals of some those men that served
      > > with me who were killed in the little wars of the 80's
      > > down Central America way. I read about my Nation's
      > > past as a child, mostly because the action and drama
      > > of battle seemed exciting and romantic to me then. As
      > > I grew and experienced these "romantic" actions for
      > > myself I realized that it also came with a high price,
      > > a price driven home by seeing the names of my friends
      > > etched into stone so that those who would follow would
      > > not forget. As I continued to study history I found my
      > > focus shifting from excitement to remembrance. If my
      > > friends deserved to be remembered then so to did the
      > > others of my Nation who had gone before deserved no
      > > less. As I mulled over what I might be as a
      > > re-enactor I saw so many possibilities. I could be a
      > > German from the Great War as many of my family were. I
      > > could be a Frenchman in the great backwoods of Canada
      > > in the 1750's. I could have been a British Regular in
      > > Howe's Army. Indeed all these impressions would
      > > represent people who had an impact on the Continent
      > > and my Country, but how I wondered would this stir the
      > > memory of what it took to create the US and what it
      > > has come to stand for? Many in this country had
      > > forgotten what it is to be an American. The gamble of
      > > the Revolution can't be understated as all involved
      > > were dubbed traitors to the Crown. They stepped out
      > > into the unknown with a phase sown on to their banners
      > > that summed up the ".Victory or Death."
      > >
      > > In 1812 the nation faced the crisis of being a neutral
      > > in a world torn by a world war. British arrogance and
      > > American impulsive naivete brought about war again.
      > > Despite questioning the soundness of the war many
      > > Citizens enlisted and fought with distinction against
      > > a battle hardened enemy, and many died. America also
      > > showed the glimmers of restraint that would later be
      > > so evident as they tried repeatedly to avoid war with
      > > both England and France at greater detriment to
      > > themselves that was the war. The Civil War which torn
      > > the nation apart at the cost of hundreds of thousands.
      > > A catastrophe that in the end wiped away the
      > > identification of the State as an independent entity
      > > of the Nation leaving a stronger more determined
      > > National Character. Through WW 1 and the Great
      > > Depression that character was forged harder, stronger.
      > > In the 30's we again demonstrated restraint not
      > > wishing the wage war, but as President Bush said,
      > > ".the conflict was begun at a date and time of the
      > > enemy's choosing, but it will end in a manner and time
      > > of our choosing." We hacked our way across the Pacific
      > > and stabbed ever deeper into Europe to free people who
      > > were captives in their own homes. The American
      > > Character did not waiver even when victory was far
      > > from certain. I also look to the other things that
      > > define us as we stood off the implied and actual
      > > threats of Communism for many years so that those who
      > > only a few years before had been our enemies might be
      > > free and secure. The Berlin Airlift, the Korean War
      > > and even Vietnam called Americans to go far from home
      > > and die for the freedom of others. So dear did we hold
      > > those liberty's that sought to insure that those who
      > > might wish for the same could have them. To the
      > > Americans of years gone by the value of free speech
      > > and choice in Europe, the Middle East or Southeast
      > > Asia were no less important than was our own. Success
      > > can some times bring about complacency. Without the
      > > fire of the forge the steel will not be tempered. I
      > > re-enact to remind people that freedom is not free. I
      > > re-enact to keep fresh the cost of what we have today
      > > and how we got it. I chose to re-enact an impression
      > > from American History because I love my country and I
      > > feel that my duty to it is not yet finished. I no
      > > longer wear the uniform of its' Air Force but I will
      > > wear the uniform of its' dearly purchased past. As we
      > > saw on the 11th of September freedom is not free. We
      > > now face difficult times. What danger has our freedom
      > > been placed in by this hidden bit of flotsam who
      > > strikes not for a cause but simply for the purpose of
      > > destruction? I do not know. I know we must balance our
      > > methods of rooting them out against the absolute need
      > > to maintain what has been so dearly bought in the
      > > past. My duty is to keep alive the memory of the past
      > > and the price of my Nation's birth and development. My
      > > duty is also to reaffirm that the US has faced
      > > disaster and danger before and that the character of
      > > its' people has become stronger as a result and we did
      > > survive and grow. While for many years many wonder had
      > > this Country had lost its' greatness, I see that the
      > > events of this week have again shown the population of
      > > the US how to be united and resolved. It will teach
      > > them how to grow and become stronger. They will
      > > endure, they will survive. Through those of us who
      > > re-enact America's History, and those of you who live
      > > outside the US who feel about your Country as I do
      > > mine and re-create your own history, we will remind
      > > them of how this crisis will be overcome. The examples
      > > of those nations we have called friend will inspire us
      > > to endure as the British and Germans did as their
      > > cities were laid waste from the air, we will grow
      > > stronger. The terrible events of the 11th are now a
      > > part of the history of my Country. History has yet to
      > > record how we will stand and recover from this most
      > > grievous loss of Civilians, but we will. I pray that
      > > history records this as OUR finest hour. History shows
      > > how we have risen above adversity before, people who
      > > stood for hours for the privilege of donating blood
      > > and those of the NYFD showed us that while we may not
      > > always see that spirit it is alive and well. And now
      > > back to the question that began this dissertation, I
      > > re-enact to remember my departed comrades. I re-enact
      > > to keep alive the history of my Nation out of duty and
      > > love towards it. Now I find myself filled with resolve
      > > to re-enact for the purpose of showing the people of
      > > my Country hope through that history. The spirit of
      > > this Country is a living thing with each individual
      > > citizen creating a part of the whole. So to must its'
      > > history be, and it does live, it lives within us.
      > >
      > > Lt. Paul W. Schulz
      > > Snelling's Co.
      > > 4th US Rt. Of Inf.
      > >
      > >
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