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Re: [WarOf1812] guns are guns

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  • Andrew Bateman
    ... From: ... Andrew writes: And that s where we stand in Canada, too. There are people who want all possession of firearms by private
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      > ... let me get in a quick one on our future
      > with gun control. I don't own any machineguns, or even an assault
      > rifle nor have I the desire too. However....HCI spokeswomen Sarah
      > Brady has publicly stated that one of the goals of her organization
      > is to disarm the POLICE as well as the citizens....<snip>

      Andrew writes:

      And that's where we stand in Canada, too. There are people who want all
      possession of firearms by private individuals banned. The urban
      professionals who make up the majority of the Family Compac... oops! I mean
      the social milieux of the Federal Liberal party.... do not understand gun
      owners and are not friendly to them. The registration scheme makes it
      easier to get what they want.

      I am sensible of what Corporal Wattie says about not incurring the wrath of
      these people by letting them hear misinformed rhetoric from us, and I
      believe we have a duty to get our facts straight and appear as reasonable as
      possible, but let's face it, the NRA has no monopoly on questionable facts.
      I am reminded of the academic "study" that was released just before C-68
      came to a vote, which was trumpeted in the press, purporting to show that
      misuse of guns cost Canadians X number of million dollars a year. The
      average newspaper reader might have been forgiven for assuming that our
      emergency services were bleeding red ink due to the effects of private gun
      ownership, but upon closer examination it proved that 90% of the money in
      that figure was derived by counting the number of firearm-related suicides
      in Canada and multiplying them by the average settlement in a wrongful death
      lawsuit in the United States, converted to Canadian dollars! In Canada
      there are an average of 1500 gun-related deaths in a year and 1100 of them
      are suicides, so you can appreciate how inflated that figure was in real
      terms! In any event the "study" served its purpose - C-68 was passed and
      the opinion polls show continued support for gun registration.

      What does this have to do with 1812 reenacting? That is the crux of the
      question. Our posts should be kept on-topic and modern politics kept to a
      minimum. I respect the fact that not everyone in the 1812 community is such
      an unabashed booster of "gun rights" that they welcome the entertainment
      value of misinformed pro-gun propaganda in their inboxes, but the fact
      remains that the history of gun control indicates a progressive tightening
      of the restrictions on everyone who owns "bang-bangs". When handguns or
      semi-autos are banned in Canada (as I forecast will happen within the next
      twenty years if current trends continue) flintlocks will fall under gun
      control regulation at the same time. Look what happened to crossbows and
      "replica guns" under C-68 despite their lack of presence in drive-by
      shootings. Also look how in England (where gun owners are a persecuted
      minority) every crime committed with a rifle causes the press to clamour for
      more restrictions on sporting shotguns! (They continue to scratch their
      heads over crimes involving handguns, which have been technically illegal
      since 1996. The licensed target shooters dutifully turned in theirs, but
      unfortunately criminals don't follow laws...)

      I will leave you with Jeff Cooper's analogy of the "bang-bang" owning
      community to a sled being chased by wolves - you will not satisfy the wolves
      by throwing one passenger to them! They will keep pursuing until they have
      all the passengers! A head-in-the-sand approach to the larger threats which
      face us will not avail.

      Andrew Bateman, 1/41st
      (Proud owner of an 1812 "assault weapon")
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