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  • Betsy Bashore
    Sean, I wanted to use your last entry as a comparison between our nations troops-
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 1999
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      I wanted to use your last entry as a comparison between our nations' troops-

      <<When light infantry and rifles were operating in pairs they were most
      certainly told to aim as the musket (and rifle) are quite accurate when
      employed in such a manner but when they were recalled to line it would be
      almost impossible to aim. There are several factors that go against such

      The time involved in aiming a weapon seriously reduces the speed
      at which a weapon can be
      fired. This would imply an individualism in line that, in the
      British army was somewhat
      frowned upon and it would also take away the effectiveness of a
      solid well fired volley.

      if soldiers were taught to aim then why was it always a problem
      for line troops to fire high.
      If they had actually been taught to aim this really wouldn't have
      been a problem. >>

      US troops were told to "TAKE AIM". In the Northwest, when relieved from guard
      duty, soldiers were required to discharge their muskets at a target to improve
      their aim. the closest to the centre mark was rewarded with an extra gill of
      whiskey. Whether US troops, in general, were better marksmen for this, I have
      no idea.

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