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Military Operations on the Delaware

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  • Thomas Lawrence
    I recently found my long misplaced copy of an 1820 book which gives a listing of muster rolls. The exact title is: A brief Sektch of the Military Operations
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      I recently found my long 'misplaced' copy of an 1820 book which gives a
      listing of muster rolls. The exact title is:

      A brief Sektch of the Military Operations on the Delaware During the Late
      War together with a copy of the Muster-Rolls of the Several Volunteer-Corps
      Which Composed The Advance Light Brigade, as They Stood at the Close of the
      Campaign of One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fourteen.

      Published in Philadelphia by Robert P. McCulloh, No. 6, South Eith Street,
      in 1820.

      The Units listed are:

      Independent Blues,
      Junior Artillerists, First Company - Philadelphia Blues, Second Co'y -
      Independent Volunteers, Third Co'y - Washington Guards.

      The Advance Light Brigade: Franklin Flying Artillery; Cavalry: First &
      Second City Troops.

      First Regiment of Pennsylvania,

      Volunteer Artlillery:
      First Company -Independent Artillerists, Second Co'y - Junior Artillerists,
      Third Co'y - Northern Liberty Artillerists, Fourth Co'y - Frankford
      Volunteer Artillerists, Fifth Co'y - Washington Volunteeer Atillerists,
      Sixth Co'y - Independent Artillerists.

      First Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry:
      First Company - Independent Volunteers, 2nd Co'y - First Co'y Washington
      Guards, 3rd Co'y - State Fencibles, 4th Co'y - Second Co'y Washington
      Guards, 5 Co'y - 3rd Co'y Washington Guards, 6th Co'y - Independent Blues,
      7th Co'y - First Co'y Union Guards, 8th Co'y - 2nd Co'y Union Guards, 9th
      Co'y - State Guards, 10th Co'y - Mifflin Guards of Delaware County, 11th
      Co'y - Reading Washington Guards, 12th Co'y - Delaware County Fencibles.

      First Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteer Riflemen:
      First Co'y - Northampton County Riflemen, 2nd Co'y Lehigh County Riflemen,
      3rd Co'y - Chester County Riflemen, 4th Co'y - Montgomery County Riflemen,
      5th Co'y - Bucks County Riflemen, 6th Co'y - Montgomery County, 7th Co'y -
      Montgomery County, 8th Co'y - Lehigh County Riflemen, 9th Co'y - Bucks
      County Riflemen, 10th Co'y - Lehigh or Northhampton County Riflemen, 11th
      Co'y - Bucks County Riflemen, 12th Co'y - Montgomery County Riflemen, 13th
      Co'y - Montgomery County Riflemen, 14th Co'y - Lehigh County Riflemen, 15th
      Co'y - Montgomery County Riflemen, 16th Co'y - Montgomery County Riflemen,
      17th Co'y - Northampton County Riflemen.

      Battalion of Volunteer Riflemen:
      First Co'y - Independent Riflemen, 2nd Co'y - Selins Grove Riflemen, 3rd
      Co'y - Union Riflemen of Union County, 4th Co'y - Union Riflemen of
      Montgomery County.

      Detachment of Militia:
      First Co'y - City Militia, 2nd Co'y - City Militia, 3rd Co'y - City Militia,
      4th Co'y - City Militia.

      The names listed amount to:

      Brigade Staff: 7
      Flying Artillery, 1 Co'y: 61
      Cavalry, 2 Troops: 115
      Artillery, 1 Reg't: 589
      Infantry, 1 Reg't: 1203
      Riflemen: 1179
      1 Reg't: 947
      1 Reg't: 232
      Militia, 1 Battalion: 350

      TOTAL: 3504

      That's a lot of names! If you have a particular person/unit you are
      interested in let me know and I will provide the information if it's

      The purpose of the book seems to be as a reference to the soldiers who
      served. If they were to apply for a pension for serving in the war they
      would be able to provide a list of references (i.e. fellow soldiers) to
      affirm the fact that they had indeed served in the war. It does give some
      history of the unit and is quite interesting.

      'Nuff Said!


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