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  • Threepdr@aol.com
    Robert, Thanks for your note. I m not building a Grasshopper or Butterfly that I ve seen so often. I m getting a British Iron 3 pdr and carriage iron
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 1999

      Thanks for your note. I'm not building a "Grasshopper" or "Butterfly" that
      I've seen so often. I'm getting a British Iron 3 pdr and carriage iron from
      Cannons ltd. (48 inches long, 3 inch bore) I know the standard British tube
      of the Rev War/ 1812 period was bronze, but Mr. Miller at Cannons says that
      the gun this was copied from was iron. I figure many iron 3 pdrs were also
      made in America during the Revolution. The carriage is a Congrieve standard
      3 pdr. The carriage stats that Mr. Miller gave me called for a 42 inch
      wheel. That seamed a little small to me, but I will trust his knowledge in
      that area.

      The Folks at Horseshoe Bend have also done some research on the guns used
      there, but have not been able to determine what they looked like, what the
      tubes were made of, or whether they had British or French style carriages.

      I'd love to get a copy of the manual the MO Hist Society has. Do they have
      copies available?

      What do most units use to ignite their guns? LInstock? Does anyone make
      priming tubes and portfires?

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