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8968Re: [WarOf1812] Re: The under 18 yo's

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  • Kevin Windsor
    Jan 1, 2001
      For the Wenworth Re-enactment Society we don't have a minimum age for recruiting. However we do have some guidlines. If the prospective member is under 16 his/her
      parents must also join the group. The new member is also not allowed to carry a musket until at least 16.

      tracyforsyth@... wrote:

      > So now in 2001 how old is the minimum age you would recruit a re
      > enactor?
      > Recruiting some one does it *mean* they get to carry a musket in the
      > next re enactment that comes after they join? Learning the
      > proceedures is important.Will these new young recruits learn
      > the "ropes"then be given a musket after training.
      > I saw a few younger teens asking the IMUC unit questions about
      > recruitment at Fort Erie during the seige.
      > There does seem to be an interest perhaps it is transporation as well
      > as the expense that is holding some younger recruits back.
      > If the parent doesn't hold an interest in re enacting are they going
      > to let junior take the family car away for the weekend?
      > This is an expensive hobby however it is something that can be
      > enjoyed by a teen until later on in life and then by his family also.
      > I would much rather have my kid(who is too young right now)invest in
      > this hobby rather then other hobby's that don't carry on the interest
      > past early 20's and the money is then spent and the supplies sit idol.
      > Happy new year Tracy Forsyth
      > --- In WarOf1812@egroups.com, "JESSE PUDWELL" <SGTPUDGLI@h...> wrote:
      > > J-P,
      > >
      > > It's all very...historical. Those of us who have survived are
      > stronger for
      > > it, but not necessarily "better" and certainly not "bigger". 2001
      > is the
      > > year to re-build and take on the youth again but those of us who
      > have the
      > > money, unit-wise or individually, must be prepared to help them
      > when they
      > > come into the hobby.
      > >
      > > >
      > The War of 1812: In Europe, thousands fought over the fate of hundreds of square miles: in North America, hundreds determined the fate of THOUSANDS of square miles...
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