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  • Larry Lozon
    Sep 14 12:45 PM
      re: Message
      From: Fitzhugh MacCrae <alaidh@...>
      Subject: Re: [WarOf1812] Today in 1814: Now NPS Fort McHenry

      please note subject change as topic has changed to:
      'cause that is what we is talkin' bout

      David Bennett <ebclemson@...> wrote:
      Lets discuss facial hair on Regulars...British or American!

      When you are involved in prolongued contact with the
      enemy (days or weeks, not just a matter of a few
      hours), your resources and time must be carefully
      allocated to reflect the realities of the situation.
      Do you clean your weapon, or shave?

      Larry writes: Let us call a spade a spade, British
      ( and according to the learned colleague ) and
      American soldiers were orderd to shave.

      Take, for instance, Brown's division and Drummond's
      division along the Niagara in 1814. For the first
      month, both divisions are in almost constant contact
      with each otther, the americans are marching and
      countermarching up and down the river, reinforcements
      for drummond are forced marching to the front as fast
      as they can.

      Larry writes: If you had time to carry out body functions,
      according to the British Army, you had time to shave, the
      lowly Kent Militia, who were untrained farmers, were
      told to shave while marching under Gen Brock and the 41st.

      Then we look at fort Erie -

      If you were a soldier in Garrison = Fort Erie,
      you would have saved ......

      under siege you say ...... watch Zulu, he says,

      "do up your button, Man!"

      that has been the attitude in the British Army since
      So, you shaved ............

      During my tours in Southeast asia, we frequently did
      not shave for long periods,

      Larry writes:

      Fitz: in the modern armies they don't wear their dress uniforms into battle
      thus "Battledress" but in 1812, spit & polish 'member them red coats?!?!

      We can argue, excuse me, discuss facial hair all nite, but the regs said,


      so when showing the public "how it was"
      ... they were supposed to be clean shaven .......

      The guy who says, " I just marched from Major B's HQ in Hollywood,
      and havn't had time to shave "
      ... should be more interested in hiding his beer kooler.

      In my humble opinion

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