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7142Re: [WarOf1812] Re: War of 1812 Naval Battles

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  • Rob Taylor
    Sep 1 12:44 PM
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      --- Fitzhugh MacCrae <alaidh@...> wrote:
      . Without the support of Downie's squadron to provide
      defellade fire support, it would have been a

      Fitz these men had been under more intense fire than
      this in Europe, thyey would over came the artillery
      and pushed on.

      --- Fitzhugh MacCrae <alaidh@...> wrote:
      "...and every victory is followed by a retreat..."

      Not all, but in some cases it would be best if they
      withdrew, as is the case here. Had they moved forward.

      --- Fitzhugh MacCrae <alaidh@...> wrote:

      now picture the result of trying to get even the same
      number of troops across that bridhe in column, with an
      even greater4 nummber of guns zeroed in on it. Macomb
      was an artillery officer originally,

      Are you saying because these guns were aimed at the
      bridge, and Macomb was an artillery officer, that was
      reason to pack up and go home. I think not. They
      should have presed on by what ever way was best for
      them. They would have taken Plattsburgh no doubt. Then
      they would have had to retreat.

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