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7138Re: [WarOf1812] Re: War of 1812 Naval Battles

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  • mmathews@VAX2.WINONA.MSUS.EDU
    Sep 1, 2000
      >--- In WarOf1812@egroups.com, Fitzhugh MacCrae <alaidh@y...> wrote:
      >> Um, Alexandria's on the Potomac, across from
      >> Washington Navy Yard. Couldn't have been that hard a
      >> sail if they were building 44's at the yard.
      >> Fitz
      >Actually Alexandria lies about 5 miles below the Navy
      >Yard. And I don't believe they ever built 44's there
      >just 28's and 36's. One was on the stocks when the
      >Navy Yard was set on fire.

      I *think* this is where the Columbia was burned IIRC, and she was rated a
      44. Could easily be wrong.


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