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7134Re: [WarOf1812] Re: War of 1812 Naval Battles

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  • Fitzhugh MacCrae
    Sep 1, 2000
      --- mmathews@... wrote:
      > >
      > >Hear, hear. The toadie Americans could only put
      > out privateers and
      > >pirates.

      Any particular reason why american privateers were
      pirates and British and Canadian privateers were not??
      Halifax produced some very successful privateers in
      both the AWI and 1812, you know.
      It would be very sad if the only account of Canadian
      privateers was the lyrics to "Barrett's Privateers" -
      does some very brave men no service.
      > Kind of a shame too. There were plenty of ships 'o
      > the line building, and
      > easily *could* have been ready for the war. In 1815
      > a lot of ships were
      > finally completed, all too late to have any effect.
      > But didn't both sides
      > have a massive SOL on Lake Ontario? Something in
      > the nature of a 100
      > gunner?

      Yeo had a 112 gun ship building (among others), the
      Americans had a 120 building (among others). While
      Roosevelt states that the New Orleans was a 74,
      Chappelle gives the dimensions and guns carried, and
      clearly shows that it was much bigger. A photo of the
      hulk of the New Orleans up on blocks in thye early
      1880's exists - if you like, I can send you a jpg of
      it back-channel.


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