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  • Fitzhugh MacCrae
    Sep 1, 2000
      --- Rob Taylor <niagara_falls_98@...> wrote:
      > --- Fitzhugh MacCrae <alaidh@...> wrote:
      > This means that, with Downie's squadron
      > disposed of, even a battered American squadron can
      > cut
      > the route of supply by simply sitting offshore and
      > shelling the road.
      > This is why Prevost did choose to withdraw. But
      > let's
      > be honest, had he pushed on he would have taken
      > Plattsburgh. He could not have gone much further
      > because of the supply lines, but Plattsburgh would
      > have been taken. And that's all that Wellington's
      > veterans wanted.

      "...and every victory is followed by a retreat..."

      (Wellington, 1814, discussing the war in America)

      As far as the artillery having
      > stopped the troops in their tracks, by sheer numbers
      > alone they could have recovered and pushed on if
      > this
      > did indeed happen (I have not read that account yet)

      The British advance was funneled by a bridge on the
      east and a ridge and forest on the west. Without the
      support of Downie's squadron to provide defellade fire
      support, it would have been a slaughter. The bridge
      was 16 feet wide, and there were over 20 heavy guns
      sighted in on it.
      Much has been made of the carnage from Jackson's guns
      firing on formed troops stuck on a limited width
      frontage.... now picture the result of trying to get
      even the same number of troops across that bridhe in
      column, with an even greater4 nummber of guns zeroed
      in on it. Macomb was an artillery officer originally,
      and a good one - I cannot help but wonder if he
      deliberately left the bridge up to credate a funneled
      killing zone. certainly, the brigade that tried to
      take the bridge only made one attempt before informing
      Prevost that it was not practical without Downies


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