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7123Re: [WarOf1812] Re: War of 1812 Naval Battles

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  • Fitzhugh MacCrae
    Sep 1, 2000
      --- Scott McDonald <raintree@...> wrote:
      > >What is more interesting is the squadron that
      > sailed up the Potomac and
      > >captured Fort Warburton and the town of Alexandria
      > without firing a shot.
      > >
      > >Ed Seufert, LCpl
      > >1812 Royal Marines
      > How right you are Ed! A good account of this feat is
      > in the book "The
      > Darkest Day: 1814" by Charles G. Muller. The
      > squadron was led by one legged
      > Capt. Gordon who's crews manhandled their ships up
      > the Patuxent. On the
      > passage back they were contested and at one point
      > Gordon had a ship
      > purposely list to one side to elevate the deck guns
      > to fire at Militia unit
      > sheltering on a wooded hill. Cool..
      > Cheers
      > Scott McD.

      Um, Alexandria's on the Potomac, across from
      Washington Navy Yard. Couldn't have been that hard a
      sail if they were building 44's at the yard.


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