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7117Naval battles

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  • Ibbotson, Mark [LSS]
    Sep 1, 2000
      Rob I do not know if Jame's book is still in print but i have seen the book you refer too but never bothered to read it. perhaps now i will.

      Superior frigates on the U.S side showed Britain a thing or two. Even some spectacular defeats "Perry" & constitution for a start.

      Britian did manage a successfull blockade in the end, 74 gun + men o war saw to that.
      You have to remember the states only had those bloody frigates and 1 v 1 against a british frigate showed who had superior designs.

      Also you could back up my theory that a lot of the U.S crews were British deserters, that goes for U.S land forces also.

      If only Yeo had the balls of Nelson eh.

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