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7116Re: [WarOf1812] Re: War of 1812 Naval Battles

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  • Scott McDonald
    Aug 31, 2000
      >What is more interesting is the squadron that sailed up the Potomac and
      >captured Fort Warburton and the town of Alexandria without firing a shot.
      >Ed Seufert, LCpl
      >1812 Royal Marines

      How right you are Ed! A good account of this feat is in the book "The
      Darkest Day: 1814" by Charles G. Muller. The squadron was led by one legged
      Capt. Gordon who's crews manhandled their ships up the Patuxent. On the
      passage back they were contested and at one point Gordon had a ship
      purposely list to one side to elevate the deck guns to fire at Militia unit
      sheltering on a wooded hill. Cool..

      Scott McD.
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