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  • Larry Lozon
    Aug 29, 2000
      From: IX Regiment <ixreg@...>
      Re: an "E" From: easeufe@... <easeufe@...>
      answering: patrick.schifferdecker@...

      >> Where are they headquartered?
      >Chatham! Where else?
      >Larry writes:
      >CHATHAM, no way Edward, we don't want any
      >drukin', marines in Chatham!
      >You did mean Chatham Ontario didn'y ya ?!??! :^)

      No Kent, there is only one :-) !!

      Larry comments:

      But of course Sir,

      County of Kent,
      situated on the Thames River,
      in the Province of Ontario
      in the Dominion of Canada
      and yes
      we don't want the likes of dem drunkin' Marines

      :^) (do ya still love me Ed?) :^)

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