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6456Naval Battles, Lakes & Atlantic

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  • Schifferdecker, Patrick
    Aug 2, 2000
      More books on the naval war:

      Gardiner, Robert - Editor
      1998 The Naval War of 1812. Chatham. London

      Leech, Samual
      1999 A Voice from the Main Deck. Chatham. London

      Roosevelt, Theodore
      1999 The Naval War of 1812. Modern Library. New York

      Leech was a sailor on the HMS Macedonian and later during the war shipped
      aboard the USS Syren.

      AND SORRY TO MM, I'll leave the list alone in the future. I get the digest
      form & over looked the 3.1 version.

      I remain as always YH & OS
      Patrick Schifferdecker, Lieut. RN
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